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Friday, 29 June 2012

Thanks all for helping Skillz be eligible for the Mission: Small Business Grant

Thanks all for helping us be eligible for the Mission: Small Business Grant. Our Divine Nine Productions Skillz At-Risk Music Program (by Jeff Walker and I) can now be eligible to win the Grant  - We needed 250, and we are now at 293 with only 1 day to deadline. You can still vote find Divine Nine Productions and maybe we can win the judges over with the extra love!

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The mission of SKILLZ is to use the power of hip-hop lyrics to help young people express, discover and create themselves in positive wayz. SKILLZ is not only musically and lyrically on par with the mainstream, it is also a compilation of messages which can make a real difference. We are creating special WORKSHOPS for youth, and special performances for YOUTh, and want to take our programs into social services, schools and at-risk local and national programs all across the country.

This Grant will make a BIG Difference.

More about Skillz at Buy the CD. ;)
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