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Sunday, 8 July 2012

new gilli moon (@gillimoon @artistdevcoach) BLOG by gilli moon "Freedom Warrior" - for artists

As an Artist, I am constantly exploring freedom in my creativity. I have spent quite a few years studying the path of the spiritual warrior and the essence of being that is the pursuit of freedom. You’ll see by my company name, Warrior Girl Music, and my nick name “warrior girl” that I carry this mantra close to me.

 Freedom in the music business means the ability to be in control of your own career and at the same time not be in control of anything, and let the winds of Heaven guide us in our destiny. Let's take a look at the first part of that phrase: being in control.... It's an amazing opportunity to have a sense of freedom with our Artistry, without having to be dictated by companies that are guided by budgets, competition and the commercial machine. Independence from that means you can drive your own career, and be free to create whatever you want - from writing your songs, to producing unique music albums - different, alternative, out of the box - to performing with uniqueness and diversity.

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