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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Let the Debate Begin.The Kobe Jordan Song is here!



For Immediate Release

Let the Debate Begin…The Kobe Jordan Song is here!

Los Angeles, California, May 22, 2009 - Divine Nine Productions announces the release of The Kobe Jordan Song by The Benchwarmers.

For sports enthusiasts there has never been a more controversial debate than Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan.  Fans of Kobe claim that he can do everything Jordan did and more, while Jordan fans normally point to the statistics.  Their bodies, their position, their swagger and even their coaches are eerily similar.  But are their games as close as people say? And if so, who is better?

The Benchwarmer emcees J.Walker and Myu originally connected in college through their love of basketball and hip-hop. As with most basketball fans, a hot conversation topic has always been the comparison of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.  After countless hours of debating, the sports emcees J.Walker and Myu of The Benchwarmers, decided to write their feelings in the way they know best… through rhymes.  Each emcee takes a side as they debate statistics, facts and hurl insults until a winner is crowned. Or is there a winner? You be the judge!

Getting his start in sports poetry on the Los Angeles Lakers Station AM570 KLAC, J.Walker has now graduated to become the resident poet of the nationally syndicated (Chris) Myers and (Steve) Hartman show on Fox Sports Radio.  He has been called “a lyric genius” and the “The modern day Dr. Seuss” for his daily sports “freestyles”, which he delivers live on air. Extraordinary hip-hop lyricist and sports addict, Myu, encompasses Kobe’s fans as he masterfully battles J.Walker. Myu, the epitome of lyricism, hails from the north east but has become the voice of South Florida where he is as comfortable on the corner as he is in a corner office. Chicago native, and die hard Chicago Bulls fan Evan J. Beigel, is a full-time Composer, Producer and Recording Engineer in Los Angeles, CA.  A few passionate sports conversations with J.Walker and Myu forged his involvement with what has now become The Benchwarmers and completing the trio bringing The Kobe Jordan Song to the world. 

The five and a half minute song is backed with live instrumentation and DJ, creating an alternative hip-hop fused with rock, jazz, and r&b, not heard before and has been hailed as “a must for anybody who loves sports”.

Listen to the Kobe Jordan Song at and buy the full version on the website, or on iTunes and all other digital distribution sites.

Read about Divine Nine Productions at – a company jointly owned by gilli moon and J.Walker



Friday, 22 May 2009

Incredible sixth album release for 25 year old, Katie Garibaldi, Bay Area singer/songwriter


At Just 25, San Francisco Bay Area Artist Katie Garibaldi

Releases Her Sixth CD, Next Ride Out

San Francisco, CA — Living Dream Music announces the release of Next Ride Out, by San Francisco Bay Area independent music artist, Katie Garibaldi.

Celebrating the release of her new album, Katie will be performing at Broadway Studios in the North Beach district of San Francisco on Saturday, June 20th, with guest performances by local artists Jesse Brewster and Welcome Matt.

The new CD, Next Ride Out, will be available for purchase on the night for the first time. The release show will also raise awareness for the San Francisco non-profit organization Muttville, which creates better lives for older dogs through rescue, foster and hospice. For advance tickets, go to and more details of the night at the end of this release. Katie Garibaldi's new CD will be available for sale from June 20 at, iTunes, Amazon mp3 and various online stores. Her CD is available for review by media, and the artist is available for interviews. Contact details at the end of this release.

Katie Garibaldi’s new sixth full-length album features ten original soul-satisfying tracks, comprised of five brand new songs and five previously recorded songs that are smacked up with fresh arrangements and performances. The album title, Next Ride Out, references the lyrics of Katie’s song “Home,” which is on her 2006 release, Fallen Angel. The lyrics pay respect to the past, given that half the songs on the new album have been recorded on previous projects, but the title also implies a look into the future, with new songs as well as a detectably revamped sound. “Next Ride Out is a nod to my past and a peek into the next chapter of my life,” says the songwriter. “For this album, I’ve written songs about real love, coming together in a relationship, and the gray area of a broken heart still in love. I’m always evolving as an artist. Always growing.”

The ten tracks mainly focus on relationships, love, and pain, as the songwriter is best known for, but the songs also carry a bit more humor, vulnerability, and self-discovery than her past work has shown. Maturity, both musically and emotionally, is evident, and the artist gives us more heart and guts than ever before. The sound is reminiscent of Americana with a twist of sparkling pop. Sweet and spicy, and full of heart. Michael Molenda, a noted producer, engineer, and editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine, produced the album at Tiki Town Studios in Mill Valley, Ca. The studio has been home to many major label artists, as well as U.S. and European indie artists. Electric guitars make their first appearance on a Katie Garibaldi album, performed by the producer. Molenda and Garibaldi seem to be a perfect producer-artist match in the studio, as proven by the tracks, which showcase the artist’s vocal dynamics. The singer’s rich voice is punctuated by noteworthy phrasing, something that has not been as obvious in her past recordings. Katie reflects, “the most important thing I learned from working with Mike Molenda in the studio is that as a singer, you need to be able to tell a story to the listener. You can’t just sing the melody. You have to sing the lyrics like you’re telling a story. Once I opened up to that, I believe I gave my songs a whole new meaning just by the subtleties in my vocals.”

Next Ride Out is altogether vibrant and rich with lively performances, from strong country-esque tunes (like “Hey, Hey Darlin’” and “Nothing Good Lasts”) to upbeat catchy pop treasures (including “Say The Word” and “A Love Without Chains”), to moving ballads, including the song “Falling For You” (one of the songs that was rerecorded from a previous release). It stands out as the “live” track on the album, featuring strings, harmonious bass lines, and Katie’s acoustic guitar fingerpicking. This is a heart-tugging gem sure to grab every listener’s attention. The album also includes an enjoyable re-creation of the singer’s song “Went Too Far (Foot In My Mouth),” which Katie fondly refers to as “Foot” at most live shows. The track features Michael Gallant, Senior Editor at Keyboard magazine, on Grand Piano, giving a whole new spin on such an already likeable song.

Months spent working away in the studio, Katie was holding out the best for her audience. Next Ride Out is finally here and it’s sure to give the singer’s fans, as well as brand new listeners, a ride to musical bliss with surprises in every nook and cranny of her songs. With the end of this CD’s making, the artist’s ride has just begun. This album is a coming-of-age, expressive, emotional, and delightful story of a rising and talented leading light. With Next Ride Out, Katie Garibaldi has arrived. Katie Garibaldi has a characteristic musical style that is all her own—wherein her fusion of equally pop- and country-tinged folk-rock gives her a distinct and edgy sound. At just 25, Katie has already released six albums, constantly tours the country, and runs her own record label—Living Dream. Katie Garibaldi is not just another “chick with a guitar.” She is a business-minded individual and creative music artist who has acquired a devoted fan base, mainly due to her engaging live shows, but also in part to her personal connection to listeners and outreach to the community.

CD Release Party Details:


Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009

Venue: Broadway Studios - 435 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133

Time: 9:00 pm (Doors 8:00 pm)

With Katie Garibaldi and band

Supporting Artists: Jesse Brewster (

and Welcome Matt (

Charity: Muttville (

Tickets: $12 Advance, $17 at the Door

Purchase Advance Tickets Online at

For interviews, or press kits, media, and other information, contact:

Living Dream Music

P.O. Box 5349

South San Francisco, CA


(650) 952-0617

Visit Katie Garibaldi’s official web site at



Tuesday, 12 May 2009

gilli moon at Club "Mogul" Los Angeles Wed 13 May 2009

Event: gilli moon band at Club 'Mogul' at Versai Restaurant
Hosted by: gilli moon
May 13, 2009,
8:45 PM

Location: 351 N. FAIRFAX AVE.

(Nth of Beverly Blvd), Los Angeles, CA

Friday, 1 May 2009

Are you ready for another Rockstar Stage Performance Workshop?

Another Rockstar Performance Workshop with GILLI MOON

A workshop for musicians, singer/songwriters and singers who want to get solid advice and practical techniques on how to OWN the STAGE, DELIVER a GREAT SHOW and ROCK THE HOUSE.

DID YOU MISS THE LAST ONE? Another workshop is being planned, by popular demand!

Rock stars or budding rock stars (fab humble songwriters and singer/songwriters too) out there - ever feel like you want to brush up on how you deliver your show on stage without fumbling in front of an audience?

gilli moon, singer-songwriter and recording artist, is hosting another Rockstar Stage Performance Workshop, for those who wish to hone their stage craft. From owning the stage, to reaching your audience through your movements, voice, eyes and actions, to building your entire show on stage: This workshop is for all music artists who perform on stage in any genre or style of music.

Where: Sherman Oaks, CA (Los Angeles area. Address given on registration)

When: Sat June 20.

Time: 11am - approx 5/6pm - depending on numbers

Slots: 10 max. Limited numbers. So let us know asap.

Cost: $76 for Songsalive! members ( $100 non members


Focus areas covered:

- what to say in between songs and various other ideas on stage patter, rhubarb and meaningful story telling.

- how to own the stage with your body - where to plant your feet, what part of the stage to move in, how to use the stage to your fullest potential.

- delivering emotion through the body, eyes and voice during your songs.

- how to reach tens, hundreds, thousands, and grab them in the palm of your hands.

- working with band members. Great tips on keeping your musicians focused and you focused on them as well as your audience.

- proper microphone technique and dealing with equipment, cables and stuff that gets in the way.

- how to deal with difficult venues and stage limitations.

- creating an entire show - from your first song to the last. The story, the movements, the songs all tied up in one package to blow the audience away.

- off the stage - the 101 on arriving to a venue, loading in, performing and loading out, with helpful tips on the meet and greets with fans, industry personnel and others.

This workshop is very much a hands on, practical session focusing on your songs, your performance and your experience.

What to bring:

- Four songs (all different in style) that you would use in your live show.

- Bring your instrument you play such as guitars with amp (keyboard and P.A provided)

- writing pen and paper; An open mind.

- packed lunch or eat before arriving. Starts at noon sharp and ends at 5. No later comers and no early departures. You'll need all the time for this one!


Check out all of our workshops at