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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

gilli moon live review on Performer Mag. I'd say it's one of the best!

Just in, a great Live Review in Performer Magazine...


Genghis Cohen // Los Angeles, CA // July 21

The Genghis Cohen got a taste of “the thunder from down under,” when Australian musician Gilli Moon performed this past Thursday night.  Moon has lived in Los Angeles for the past 10 years and continues to produce albums that speak volumes to her audience.   She has total of six records under her belt and sang a number of selections from her catalog.  She also performed some great hits from her most recent release, The Stillness.

Moon’s passion for not only her own music, but music in general, was obvious as she performed with a sense of joy and confidence.  Snaps and claps filled the venue, coming from both the audience and Moon herself.  Moon’s songs were relatable to every woman in the crowd, as she sang from the heart about the pain of heartbreak and the struggle to find yourself during chaotic times.

Moon began the set with songs off her previous albums.  Those tracks were filled with honest messages of struggle and self-doubt.  She took the stage, headed over to her piano and belted out “Release Me,” from her 2005 release, Extraordinary Life. Like a self-therapy session, she seemed to calm herself and embrace the struggle as she delivered music from The Stillness. The central message of the album is the need for inner peace within oneself and to learn from past mistakes.

It was as though the crowd was watching Moon morph from a girl into a woman right before their eyes.  The tracks seem to solve all the immature, but normal problems that a girl faces during the journey of self-discovery. Her music makes us realize that the answers to our struggles can’t be found in others, but within ourselves.



In picture, Voyce McGinley on drums, gilli moon center stage, Andy Catt on bass. Not visible but performing that night, Shawn Cunnane on guitar and J.Walker, spoken word.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Warrior Girl Music eNews July 2011 - a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox

Warrior Girl Music eNews
a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox
July 2011

G'day peaceful warriors,

gilli moon

Been a while since my last update, but the creativity has been flowing, let me assure you. I'm looking forward to the summer sizzle over here in Los Angeles. I love Southern California in the summer time. Beach, cool breezes at night, warm sunny days, mellow groovy jazz or RnB softly playing on the ipod or stereo, a good book to read on the weekends, the piano taunting my fingers to dabble and be inspired for some song writing, love in my life, some summer outdoor gigs, and family coming to visit. What more can a girl want?

OK, What's in this issue?

* Tune in on the radio tonight while I talk about the book, Just Get Out There. See below.

* New college show this Friday night, open to public, in Beverly Hills, plus some lovely gigs over the summer. See below.

* FREE SONG DOWNLOAD from my Facebook Page still available.

* Various products such as my new VIDEO WORKSHOP Just Get Out There, based on the book (a great accompaniment to watch while you read!), and The Stillness album.


* Blog: where's your focus?

* Coupla cool music videos to watch.


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Feeling enlightened.

gilli moon



p.s. Check it out on my world - it's a whole new website revamped. Check it out!:

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 gilli moon's upcoming appearances


Jul 5, 2011 6:00 PM LA Talk Radio - interview Los Angeles, CA
Tune in 6pm PST tonight. I'm on (Chnnl 2) with Sheena Metal talking about my book for artists. (


Jul 8, 2011


7:45 PM


The Akademia


Beverly Hills, CA

We're doing a small acoustic set at a new place and we hope you can join us. Akademia is right near where Santa Monica and Wilshire Blvds intersect. It's actually a college :) Come on out. Early show.


Jul 20, 2011


12:00 PM


Pershing Square Downtown Stage


Los Angeles, CA

gilli moon and her blue warriors band play the lunch time crowd downtown at Pershing Square. This is a lunch time show from 12-1pm. Come on down! The Metro is around the corner and there is easy parking underneath. Fun! Free!


Jul 21, 2011


7:30 PM


Genghis Cohen


gilli plays one of her fave venues, Genghis Cohen 740 N. Fairfax Ave. L.A 90046, Just Nth Melrose. Plenty parking. $10


More Performing details



Get your free download of gilli moon's song "I'm Alive" from her album, "the stillness" on gilli's Facebook page. Get it while the promotion lasts. Check out the album here






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"the stillness" album

gilli moon's latest music creation.

..It is the lyrics to these pieces of her inner soul that take this project to a higher level From the first note.... screaming for a top ten chart position. Her music reminds me of a cross between Alanis Morissette and Carole King. Very much like her visual artistry, her music also paints a picture of hope, a picture of inner strength.
She is indeed a warrior!

Prepare to enter the stillness of gilli moon, where the only thing moved is the listener... Life is like a drug for gilli moon, and the passion that courses through the veins of ‘the stillness’ is the same life-blood that created the pyramids, brought humankind to outer-space and fathomed individual expression through the arts. Simply stated, Ms. moon has tapped into Maya, and is here to share it with all who are open and receptive.” 

Available on iTunes

Want to know more about gilli? See this video...

the gilli moon vpk -- sensual aussie artist/songwriter

Discover the true and organic artist that is gilli moon, in her new video press kit in which the Aussie girl' expresses her love for L.A, her music writing, her band, and her new album, "the stillness"

and  at



ooh another below, I'm Alive music video. 


i'm alive - music video - gilli moon 


Bloggin' it

the official gilli moon diary

Everywhere gilli goes, she writes. Read her anecdotes of different cities, interesting shows, people she meets and experiences felt.

Where's your focus?

Recently I attended a workshop on Goal Making, thinking I'd know a lot of the subject matter, but I went anyway as it was free. It ended up changing my whole perspective on not only my goals, but how I communicated my commitment of them. In addition, it allowed me to really take a strong, hard look at what I'm focusing on, and what is important in my life.


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