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Monday, 21 February 2011

reminder, gilli moon this week - music, fun and frolic - LA show Wednesday

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this week - music, fun and frolic
Hey Socal friends >  Just thought I'd pop a note into your busy inbox and see if it swims to the top.... I have a gig this Wednesday night at the famous Genghis Cohen (famous for music yes, but even more famous for it's amazing Chinese food). Let me say I'm not a big Chinese food fan, but I love the food here. Also the performance room is really cool, tiny and like church pews, and really fun. The sound is hot. The people are hotter. And the music, well it's of my own creation, so please do come out. I'll be squeezing my entire band on the tiny stage so whether you like the music or not you can witness sweaty men struggling to keep both feet on the stage, who play their instruments amazingly, and i'm speaking of Andy Cat on bass, Shawn Cunnane on guitar, Voyce McGinley on percussion, J.Walker spitting some verses, and little ol' me on my rusty keyboard.It will be fun fun fun.
Then on the weekend I'm going to drive up to Santa Barbara (as one does living in LA when you have some of the most glorious paradises within an hour in any direction.) The destination is the Durango Songwriters Expo.
ALL THE DETAILS BELOW. I so hope you join me.
Love Love,
gilli moon

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Warrior Girl Music eNews February 2011 - a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox

Warrior Girl Music eNews
a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox
February 2011
G'day peaceful warriors,
gilli moon here. Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers of the universe out there.

I don't know about you, but I've been riding the waves of the sea so far this year, with the crash and pomper of the loud waves, to the beautiful bliss of the ocean calm with the sun shining. How's your creative life going for you?

Read more on my blog WAITING FOR THE WAVES.

OK, What's in this issue?
* A very cool show in L.A Wednesday 23rd February @ Genghis Cohen Come on Peeps in LA - come out and help us with a good crowd!

* A wonderful songwriting conference in Santa Barbara last weekend of February and we're looking to give 10% off for those songwriters and artists who would like to attend.
Take the ride with me and read on with my monthly newsletter.
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Feeling the magic of today.

gilli moon

Friday, 11 February 2011

Check out my new book on Facebook! .... Just Get Out There

Yes I've created a Facebook Page for my new book for artists, JUST GET OUT THERE

Check it out at!/pages/Just-Get-Out-There/188021374563116  

Read about the book (and purchase options) at

A new Review:

Gilli Moon writes a no-holds-barred portrayal of the trials of being a successful artist in a world of global commerce, instant inter connectivity, and even shorter attention spans in this Youtube generation. Still, she manages to keep the reader from feeling overwhelmed with a just-do-it attitude and the kind of confidence that can push a mouse to tame a lion. You won't hear anything cliche from Gilli, either. She's all about the reality of the music world. Just Get Out There is the most insightful book on the industry today, and a prime tool for anyone seeking success in the arts, or success in finding themselves....I make no exaggeration to say that it's the best book on the industry I've read.
 - James Rushin, Music Gear Review

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