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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Let the Debate Begin.The Kobe Jordan Song is here!



For Immediate Release

Let the Debate Begin…The Kobe Jordan Song is here!

Los Angeles, California, May 22, 2009 - Divine Nine Productions announces the release of The Kobe Jordan Song by The Benchwarmers.

For sports enthusiasts there has never been a more controversial debate than Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan.  Fans of Kobe claim that he can do everything Jordan did and more, while Jordan fans normally point to the statistics.  Their bodies, their position, their swagger and even their coaches are eerily similar.  But are their games as close as people say? And if so, who is better?

The Benchwarmer emcees J.Walker and Myu originally connected in college through their love of basketball and hip-hop. As with most basketball fans, a hot conversation topic has always been the comparison of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.  After countless hours of debating, the sports emcees J.Walker and Myu of The Benchwarmers, decided to write their feelings in the way they know best… through rhymes.  Each emcee takes a side as they debate statistics, facts and hurl insults until a winner is crowned. Or is there a winner? You be the judge!

Getting his start in sports poetry on the Los Angeles Lakers Station AM570 KLAC, J.Walker has now graduated to become the resident poet of the nationally syndicated (Chris) Myers and (Steve) Hartman show on Fox Sports Radio.  He has been called “a lyric genius” and the “The modern day Dr. Seuss” for his daily sports “freestyles”, which he delivers live on air. Extraordinary hip-hop lyricist and sports addict, Myu, encompasses Kobe’s fans as he masterfully battles J.Walker. Myu, the epitome of lyricism, hails from the north east but has become the voice of South Florida where he is as comfortable on the corner as he is in a corner office. Chicago native, and die hard Chicago Bulls fan Evan J. Beigel, is a full-time Composer, Producer and Recording Engineer in Los Angeles, CA.  A few passionate sports conversations with J.Walker and Myu forged his involvement with what has now become The Benchwarmers and completing the trio bringing The Kobe Jordan Song to the world. 

The five and a half minute song is backed with live instrumentation and DJ, creating an alternative hip-hop fused with rock, jazz, and r&b, not heard before and has been hailed as “a must for anybody who loves sports”.

Listen to the Kobe Jordan Song at and buy the full version on the website, or on iTunes and all other digital distribution sites.

Read about Divine Nine Productions at – a company jointly owned by gilli moon and J.Walker



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