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Monday, 11 June 2012

Warrior Girl Music eNews June 2012 - a little bit of gilli moon in your inbox, plus need your vote

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Warrior Girl Music eNews
a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox
June 2012

G'day peaceful warriors, gilli moon here.

About to do: A show in LA at Genghis Cohen this Thursday night 14th. If you're in LA would love to see you!; A request for help in our Grant seeking for Skillz by end June; Songwriting workshop this Sunday; and my new blog, "Love, Joy and Flow, what more could you want in life?"; Also, promoting a few things for artists below too.

Hope you enjoy my eNews! For all the Fathers out there, HAPPY FATHERS DAY (Discalimer: US, Europe only. Dads in Australia, ya gotta wait till September... tee hee).

Read on....

Hot off the press:

take action! help the kids!

Vote for Skillz to get a major $ Grant so we can make music programs for At-Risk Youth. Friends and fans: Please vote our Business (Divine 9 Productions) and Skillz project to get a vital $ Grant to help at-risk youth.

 We need 250 votes to enter!

 We have 49 votes, and we need a total of 250 by the End of June! That's another 201 votes just to be qualified to enter for the Grant. Please help us get qualified. All it takes is a couple of clicks on your end.

I have thousands of you reading this right now. All it takes is a couple hundred of you. So please please please. Your click/vote will make a difference. This is for our Skillz project, which can benefit so many at-risk youth if we can have chance for the Grant.

How to vote:

Click here to vote for us:

Click 'Register' button at bottom of page if you don't have a Facebook account.

Or, Facebook users: Click on 'Log In Support' button lower right. (Link your Facebook account).

Then search  (at bottom of next page when logged in, for DIVINE NINE PRODUCTIONS, State CA, and city: North Hollywood. (Just typing Divine Nine Productions will bring us up). Then click to vote for us.)

The mission of  SKILLZ is to use the power of hip-hop lyrics to help young people express, discover and create themselves in positive wayz. SKILLZ is not only musically and lyrically on par with the mainstream, it is also a compilation of messages which can make a real difference. We are creating special WORKSHOPS for youth, and special performances for YOUTh, and want to take our programs into social services, schools and at-risk local and national programs all across the country.

This Grant will make a BIG Difference. Help us get qualified by going to the link above.

More about Skillz at Buy the CD. ;)
Become a Fan!

More about Divine 9 Productions at 
(Voting button is also on our home page).


Gilli and J




upcoming engagements

This Thursday June 14

@ Genghis Cohen
740 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Just north of Melrose
7pm Patricia Bahia
8pm Riddle The Sphinx
9pm gilli moon

$10 gets you in all night. Come early for great Chinese food.

On stage with gilli will be Andy Catt on bass, Voyce McGinnley on drums and J.Walker spits. Awesome night.

Wednesday July 11
@ Cafe Cordiale

gilli moon performs with band, a 45 min set at Hollowbody LA presents"Acoustic Cordiale" @"Cafe Cordiale" 14015 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 FREE, and free parking All ages. Full bar too. Dinner reservations (818 789 1985). They serve dinner till 10:30, that you can enjoy during our set. Drawing for future FREE dinners are given away to one random fan for more details

More upcoming gilli moon engagements at go Tours/Live




in the media

gilli moon's Secret of my heart: playing in Japan -We've gone fishing for gilli moon on, Gone Fishing for Blue Skies! JAPAN

Her song "Secret of My Heart" is in the program which will be uploaded for the week of June 3rd to 9th. Gone Fishing for Blue Skies Playlist is available for fans and friends at the following site: H

Gilli Moon writes a no-holds-barred portrayal of the trials of being a successful artist in a world of global commerce, instant interconnectivity, and even shorter attention spans in this Youtube generation. Still, she manages to keep the reader from feeling overwhelmed with a just-do-it attitude and the kind of confidence that can push a mouse to tame a lion. You won't hear anything cliche from Gilli, either. She's all about the reality of the music world. Just Get Out There is the most insightful book on the industry today, and a prime tool for anyone seeking success in the arts, or success in finding themselves....I make no exaggeration to say that it's the best book on the industry I've read. - James Rushin, Music Gear Review

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by gilli moon
"Prepare to enter the stillness of gilli moon, where the only thing moved is the listener... Life is like a drug for gilli moon, and the passion that courses through the veins of ‘the stillness’ is the same life-blood that created the pyramids, brought humankind to outer-space and fathomed individual expression through the arts. Simply stated, Ms. moon has tapped into Maya, and is here to share it with all who are open and receptive.” 

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Book: JUST GET OUT THERE - Achieving Abundance, Self-Empowerment and Professional Success as an Artist Entrepreneur
by gilli moon

The Artist's bible to achieving abundance, self-empowerment and professional success as an Artist entrepreneur. 300+ pages filled with in-depth tips, tools, steps and resources on getting out there as an Artist, all the while    achieving personal, financial and professional success and joy.  Out now as a paperback, e-book, Amazon Kindle, and WORLDWIDE (you'll be surprised by the diversity of the countries you can buy it in, in your currency :)

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Bloggin' It
the official gilli moon diary

Everywhere gilli goes, she writes. Read her anecdotes of different cities, interesting shows, people she meets and experiences felt.

"Love, Joy and Flow, what more could you want in life?";

by gilli moon

I was driving around LA the other day and became depressed listening to NPR news on the radio. Middle East discontent (when was there ever a different time?); political discontent; shootings, kidnappings, armed robberies, car chases, police blockades; economic woes: Nasdaq this, Wall Street that; Foreclosures, unemployment,… the list went on and on. I started to feel the tension in my hands, as my fingers began to clutch the wheel harder than usual. I honked at a driver in front of me who cut in too close, and my jaw started to clench.

 I turned the radio off. “Enough!” I shouted  to myself inside my car, driving along the ever-being-repaired 405 at snail pace speed. Cars choc-a-block on the freeway, all going at about 10 miles an hour, even though a new lane was built to help the process.

 I looked at the traffic, and I felt the blocks inside mirroring this tornado of a world I was seeing and hearing.

 “I don’t want this life of strife. I don’t want disharmony. I want harmony. I want joy. I want fun. I want things to turn out like I dreamed. I want… flow…”

  The minute I said “flow”, the traffic started to open up and I could regain normal speed. It was like I attracted a clear road just by thinking good thoughts. All of a sudden, the whole lane was empty in front of me. I had a clear path, an easy path. I turned the radio back on, and NPR was now playing a really nice and vibey smooth jazz number. I began to sing along, and my heart felt at peace.

....It’s not about getting the things done, that you said you’ddo, and being a stress bucket. It’s not about being busy for the sakes of beingbusy. Nor is it about drama, clutter, negativity, world doom, or unrealizeddreams. We’re here for the fun of life: to experience life, for ourselves – andwe can, in a joyous, dream filled, flowing way.

(or go Art & Writing / Blog)




Artist resources:

 Since 1997, Songsalive! is the leading international non-profit organization dedicated to the nurturing, support, education and promotion of songwriters and composers worldwide. And gilli moon is the co-founder and president.

If you're a songwriter, you should be involved. It's free to register on the site, and Pro Membership is affordable. We have chapters and events all over that help you. Connect, engage, shine!

 A Los Angeles Songwriting Workshop is scheduled this SUNDAY JUNE 17 from 12 noon to 3pm. Details at


One hour phone or skype Artist Coaching consultation with gilli moon

Beyond the artist, gilli takes artist entrepreneurship to a whole deeper level: coach, author, speaker... she offers Artists of all genres and styles 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

"We work together to build your career, achieve your goals, develop skills, and empower your talent towards a career and life you’ve always imagined."

Whether you are a beginner Artist, professional Artist, or just an individual interested in exploring your creativity, we promise these sessions will light a fire in your heart & mind, and steer you on a positive, dynamic and action filled direction towards a higher purpose, greater passion and successful life.  For budding and professional Artists (of all genres and styles) and includes professional career advice/consultation, discussion, demo listening, creative and production guidance, artistic feedback, stage tips, personal and artistic direction, music release marketing and promotional tips, tools & resources, specially designed activities and answers to all your questions.

One on One coaching sessions to build your career, achieve goals, develop your skills, and get you OUT THERE.

More about the coaching, testimonials  and booking a session at



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We can design your top banner and profile pic for your Facebook Timeline. Read more and contact us below to get started.... Turn around time 24 hours! Discount for Songsalive! Pro Members.

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Thank you for reading everyone!



gilli moon


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