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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hip Hop can Heal

Hip-Hop can Heal!

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Dear Lifesaver,
I call you a lifesavor because you dedicate your life to serving the needs of others. It is sometimes a thankless job, so let me just THANK YOU right off the bat. I met you at a conference where I was talking/rapping about how hip hop can heal our youth. Rhymecology does just that, it uses the power of hip-hop lyrics and culture to help at-risk youth express, discover and create themselves.  I would love to share some hip-hop healing techniques and music with you all.

The Couple:
J.Walker is a Rhymecologist®, spoken word champion, author, teacher, and an emcee. With his psychology degree and 10 years counseling youth in the high risk Los Angeles streets, J.Walker is in tune with the “real needs” of today’s youth. 
Singer-songwriter, Gilli Moon, is dedicated to touring the world, performing and releasing music. With a Bachelor of Education, she has also taught in schools and conducted workshops for kids across Australia and the United States, including running a rock music camp for kids.

The Album:
Through working in the streets, the dynamic hip-pop duo quickly realized the necessity and importance of their work, and created the album SKILL,  filled with positive messages and motivating music. listen online
1. Skillz…introduction
its cool to be smart (importance of education)
dream big (visualizing and dreaming big)
beautiful (girls respecting themselves)
focus (you get what you focus on)
false idols (rappers are false idols)
why do you wanna fight (handling bullies)
dan the man (the destructive path of drugs)
within (the mirror)
guns r us (the harm of guns in the USA)

The Hip Hop Healing Book:
Rhymecology® embraces the power of hip-hop lyrics and culture and uses them as a therapeutic tool to help people express, discover and create themselves while causing harm to none. The Therapist's Guide shows the counselor/therapist how to use Listening Sessions and how to build Rap Rapport with clients in a way that can change their life positively and permanently! 
Click below (This is sold as a PDF download unless purchased in person) 

Bring it to you!:
J.Walker and Gilli Moon use music as motivation and healing. They can come to you with the Skillz for Life Show - Starring J.Walker and Gilli Moon, the SKILLZ FOR LIFEperformance show spotlights songs from their hit youth CD, SKILLZ, into a highly energetic, entertaining and educational visual show. Combine singing, rapping, dancing, story telling and role playing, the duo use the power of hip-hop lyrics and pop melodies to inspire young people and entertain them at the same time. The show is entertaining, energetic and a fun experience, and in conjunction, sends powerful messages that inspire the youth of today. Its core is edu-tainment - educating and inspiring through entertainment. While strong and heartfelt, the messages subtle in approach, disguised through lots of fun and music.   


The Website:
See all about J.Walker, Gilli Moon, Skillz and Divine Nine Productions ...


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The Rhymecologist

Rhymecology® is J.Walker's philosophy for his creativity and life mission. The "Rhymecologist" brings the science of pyschology and his passion for music together to help people become empowered, feel better about themselves and their world.
J. uses hip hop and lyrics as theraputic and educational tools through motivational programs, media, workshops, music and literature, and has brought on new "Rhymecologists" to work with him on the broader mission, creating a global movement.

Rhymecology® is a registered trademark.

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