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Thursday, 26 August 2010

new album reviews for "the stillness". "if the first several tracks don't reel you in wanting more, you are probably deaf."

Windy City Times, (Pop Making Sense) Chicago

On the passionate song "Be," gilli moon shows her cards as she sings, "I'm a hopeless romantic." This foreshadows the beautiful "Cos I Love You So," "Cling On" and "Secret of My Heart." Her latest, The Stillness, the singer-songwriter shines on ballads and mid-tempo numbers, but she brings the house down with the gospel-flavored epic "Silent Prophet." Moon's sixth album also features the pop goodie "I Am" and the environmentally conscious "Bushwalk." Just try not to be charmed by her Australian accent at the end of "I'm Alive."  On top of being a gifted musician, the Los Angeles-based moon also heads her own label Warrior Girl Music and found music-focused non-profit organization Songsalive!. The Stillness is out now. ~ by David Byrne

gilli moon is an Aussie singer/songwriter with a big, beautiful voice and a penchant for pop hooks and easily consumed melodies. Inspiring lyrics and great musicianship make this release a pop album that stands out from the uninspired and mediocre pop riddling the radios these days. Comparisons to Alanis Morisette and Lily Allen would not be off the mark in describing the emotion, cleverness, and soul of the stillness. Called “a female Elton John” by Billboard, gilli’s use of great piano work makes this reviewer quite happy (note that Ben Folds and Billy Joel both creep into my top artists list). A solid album cover to cover, but if the first several tracks, notably the trio of “Be”, “I Am”, and “Outside In”, don’t reel you in wanting more, you are probably deaf.

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New album by gilli moon, “The Stillness"

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