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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Buy the CD. Downloads are cool, but the artwork is cooler

My new album “the stillness” is available downloadable everywhere, but it’s the CD in your hands that feels and sounds the BEST! for the list and links. You can buy, download, taste, all of it.

But just think about buying the ACTUAL CD so you can have the glossy world in your hands. I designed the cover and it really shows a peace of my soul.

Nothing beats feeling the CD in your hands, reading the liner notes and the lyrics, and then, of course, putting the CD on your stereo and listening to magnificent uncompressed sounds (unlike the tiny squashed mp3 sounds from downloads.)

Check it out at

CdBaby is a great place to buy my CD, “the stillness”

C’mon, it’s very affordable.

You can also find it at stores near you (thanks to Independent Distribution Collective, IDC, my distributor). Go to and click on MORE BUYING OPTIONS for retailers near you.


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New album by gilli moon, “The Stillness"

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