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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Watch gilli moon's new music video "The Stillness" - quirky Carl Jung-esque/deep psycho-personality film. A must watch!

gilli moon takes us on a quirky, arty journey in her new music video, "The Stillness", which showcases her single "The Stillness", from the album, of the same name "the stillness". Recorded in Los Angeles (directed by My Record Label Video's Graham Daseler), including some footage from Fryman Canyon, one of gilli's favorite L.A places that reminds her of her home in Australia on a mountain top, "The Stillness" music video also features, as in the song, spoken word artist J.Walker ( as gilli's higher self.

gilli has been focused on a theme in her artistry since college years, surrounding the notion of us all having various personalities within ourselves, and we choose to wear the masks we wear at appropriate times. Like an Art Video she made at the age of 19 called "Shadows", this new Music Video similarly encompasses Carl Jung-like themes about our inner shadows/demons and fears, versus the social joys and wants we reveal to the world. Hence, the video shows gilli moon's face half lit in dark and other in light, like a Rembrandt painting, portraying our inner self and our outer self; and spiritually speaking, our lower self, with our Higher Self (the all knowing). The song speaks of wanting to break out of one's shell and fears, and run in the deepest oceans and not be afraid.

"I'm an enigma in my own living room / Can't seem to get my tongue to hit the words I want to say and everything I feel, all that I am I throw out ... naked / I'm yearning for the outcome of my days / To caress my childhood fairytales / so tormented inside I stand and wait"

The premise is that we can all be who we want to be if we "take the step, be willing to learn / wait for my time, wait for my turn / and listen.... to the stillness".

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