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Friday, 6 August 2010

Gilli Moon running 1 on 1 artist development coaching sessions at the Indiegrrl Conference, Knoxville Aug 19-22

Hello! Gilli Moon here. I’m very excited to be coming and participating in the Indiegrrl Conference in Knoxville, TN this month. I hope you are all coming! We are going to have a great time.

Apart from some workshops that I’ll be doing, I will be offering 1 on 1 Artist Development Coaching sessions to anyone who wants to get their music career into high gear. It takes 1 hour, each session, and I’m taking booking IN ADVANCE, so please contact me to find out more details, cost (I will discount for all attendees), and schedule a 1 on 1 time slot. Be sure you don’t conflict with any awesome panel or showcase you need to get to.

 Details about my coaching at or click on Coaching.


Thursday August 19 - I'll be performing at the opening night party on the MAIN STAGE @ 8.30pm FREE!

Friday, August 20 - I'll speak on panels and host the Songsalive! booth ( during day

Saturday, August 21 - 11am -  WORKSHOP "The Successful Artist Entrepreneur"    
- the ins and outs of getting out there as an artist in the business of music.
The KEY TO SURVIVAL AND SUCCESS in the music business of TODAY is to be a unique artist, in charge of your own destiny. It means you need to be an artist entrepreneur. In order to be powerful as an artist, you have to be very business artist. You need to be very self driven and business savvy. You don’t need to know everything about the business (you can go to experts for advice) but you are in control. If you want it to be life long, you have to be a visionary. You have to be able to think outside the box and “feel” it inside. A lot of inner work is required. So while you are working on your craft and techniques on the outside, you have to work on your mindset on the inside.
* learning the art of self-empowerment: getting out and doing it the Indie Way
- What is music entrepreneurship?
- the importance of being a business person as well as an artist
- learning to use the left and right sides of the brain together
* career building - how to create your art/music business and be the master of your destiny
- Building a plan and executing it.
* Developing your unique image for promotion  
* Promotional and marketing strategies

Details about the workshop

Sat 21st 7.45pm - I'll tinkle the ivories by performing in the Acoustic Room/stage. FREE!

Indiegrrl Women in the Arts Festival/Conference
@ Holiday Inn World's Fair Park, 525 Henley St. Knoxville, TN for details on the conference, getting involved and full agenda. about Songsalive!, a sponsor of the conference (and a songwriters non-profit that gilli runs)

 "Working with Gilli was a gift I gave to myself.  I was completely overwhelmed with running my own business, and pretty unorganized when I first started working with her.  I didn't know where I was going or even what I wanted, so I felt stuck.  Gilli helped me to organize my thoughts, goals and direction, and to find out what my truth was... what was success to me?  I was my biggest road block."

"Gilli helped me focus on practical steps for realizing your dreams. "

"When I was done with my debut CD album, I was lost and I needed someone to help me. I needed a professional mentor who knows all facets of the music industry, the ins and outs, someone who would understand and someone who has the passion of music. Then, I found Gilli Moon."

"Gilli Moon helps you to develop a practical and comprehensive logistical plan to marketing your music.  However her real power lies in delving into your attitudes, belief systems and ultimate dreams in life which will ultimately decide the success or failure of your efforts.  While I am often overwhelmed by the obstacles of this business, each coaching session with Gilli renews my positive attitude and empowers me to continue to move forward.  She understands the process, the challenges, and the attitudes one must have in order to thrive in this pursuit. She is a great sounding board and guide!"

"Gilli’s sessions are tailored to what you want to accomplish, and she has developed tools that help you focus and keep you on track while recognizing your accomplishments."

"I was a songwriter/composer with songs and music but no ideas on what to do with them. I knew I had to do something so I kept myself busy 'doing' things that lead to nowhere as I had no goal or plan in place. Gilli helped me to define my goals and showed me how to develop them to devise a business plan that enabled me to start down the road to making my goals and dreams a 'do-able' reality. When you have a mentoring session with Gilli, you feel positive, motivated and empowered. You want to put your plan into action and feel proud to take responsibility for all work that you do to put it into motion and keep it going".


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