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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Warrior Girl Music eNews August 2010 - a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox


Warrior Girl Music eNews - a little bit of gilli moon monthly in your inbox

G'day peaceful warriors,

gilli moon here. I'm on an ammmaaaazing journey right now. I use the word 'amazing' because unfortunately I've been sucked in to watching The Bachelorette, and that's her favorite word. We counted 23 uses of that word in last night's final episode. And now that that's over, I can get onto the real stuff like... my new record. Yippee!

What's in this issue? Music videos uploaded and in the creation; great Gig this Thursday in Hollywood; touring to Tennessee in a few weeks; interviews past, present and future; what a blast. I can barely keep up with myself. I'm obsessed, totally egocentric right now, and loving it. I hope you get a chance to hear "the stillness". It's every piece of my heart in this one, and so far people have been liking it too. Phew!

Take the ride with me and read on with my monthly newsletter. Get your piece of the music pie half way down the page.(Get off the email train at the end of this newsletter)

Loving life. Loving you.

gilli moon

Quote of the moment:

“I’m writing a lot about self-empowerment and a certain sense of self-awareness, and a feeling of knowing who I am, and that I don’t need anyone else to approve of me.”
- gilli moon, on the Club Indie radio show (interview last week)


Really cool gig this thursday

 Thursday August 5, 2010 

 7.30pm (come by after work, before you go home!)

A fab moment with a grand piano, wine and you!
@ Renaissance Hotel Hollywood / Lobby Bar
1755 North Highland Avenue,
corner Hollywood Blvd,
Hollywood, CA
Come join gilli moon and her lovely blue warriors (Andy Catt on bass and Voyce McGinnley on percusion) for an intimate acoustic show, pre dinner, at one of L.A's finest hotels. The grand piano and gilli are deeply in love! Enjoy fine entrees, appetizers and cocktails! 2 Drink minimum or food purchase for table seating.
FREE! ALL AGES!! And 2 hour free parking in the Hollywood and Highland complex with validation.

Presented by Brent Harvey. He's a cool cat. 

Really cool interview coming up

 Sunday August 8 - listen online


 Women Enjoying Success Blog Radio - gilli's best interview yet!

Log on to listen on Sunday at

Listen as Women Enjoying Success host Sharon Michaels talks with music artist and self-made entrepreneur Gilli Moon of Warrior Girl Music. Gilli shares with us how she started her own record label, co-founded Songsalive, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing, promoting and educating songwriters and, the personal inspirations behind her newest album  "the stillness". This is a moving interview about self-growth, creativity and the unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit. It’s all about Women Enjoying Success!

Really cool festival

Off to Tennessee... yee ha!

I'm performing and speaking at the 2010 Indiegrrl Women in the Arts Festival/Conference at Knoxville, TN from Thursday August 19 through and including Saturday August 21. I'm very fond of the non profit organization, Indiegrrl, and am a member of the board. Most importantly, I love them because they offer so much support and opportunities for female artists. This conference will include performances (mine included) of a ton of beautiful and strong women artists, and some great educational music business panels. Performances are free to the public, while attending the music biz conference portion requires a fee. See Indiegrrl website link below.

Here's a summary of how I'll be involved:

Thursday August 19 - I'll be performing at the opening night party on the MAIN STAGE @ 8.30pm FREE!

Friday, August 20 - I'll speak on panels and host the Songsalive! booth ( during day

Saturday, August 21 - 11am
I'll host my "Successful Artist Entrepreneur Workshop"    
Details about the workshop

Sat 21st 11pm - 12 hours later I'll tinkle the ivories by performing in the Acoustic Room/stage. FREE!

@ Holiday Inn World's Fair Park, 525 Henley St. Knoxville, TN for details on the conference, getting involved and full agenda. about Songsalive!, a sponsor of the conference (and a songwriters non-profit that gilli runs)


Other gilli love gigs


Buy "the stillness" album 


New album by gilli moon, “the stillness”, is available now worldwide! Yep, we've had the US launch on June 29, Australia launch on July 9 and just last week, Europe launch on July 26. Woo hoo. Come and get it!


G ET   "the stillness" NOW – Physical album, download mp3s, ringtones…. 

BUY NOW – CD, download, ringtones:



Music videos r us

Days In November - music video
Days in November - music video - gilli moon
We just wrapped up editing a brand new music video. #1 music video for gilli moon’s 2010 (6th) album,  "the stillness", this music video is for the song featured on the album, “Days In November”. Performed and shot in South Park Colorado (by David Harvey) while performing at a festival out there with her band mates Andy Catt and Shawn Cunnane, as well as landscapes from the tour bus going through Fargo, North Dakota, and through the Canadian Rockies, when Ms. Moon was on tour with Eric Idle (Monty Python) a few years back, the footage is now all bundled up in a tight  music video edited by Matt Thorne.  The video is about life on the road, especially as a touring artist, going from one town to the next, and "sending back postcards of lessons" one finds along the way. It's also about love, and dreaming of a time of joy and wanting to find that again. This song speaks of enjoying the journey, and looking towards tomorrow as a time of hope for all of us. The video uses the seasons (especially Fall/Winter) and the countryside, particularly gilli moon's new love for the US and Canadian landscapes that she has travelled many times now on tour. Shots from the tour bus, or beside the road emphasizes "the journey" and the very fact that in life.... we are always moving.....  

Making "the stillness" Album - in the studio with gilli moon - video
gilli moon's 6th album,
"the stillness" was a lot of fun to make. Step inside the studio in Burbank, California, to witness gilli moon and her players (Andy Catt on bass, Shawn Cunnane on guitar, Frank Musarra on drums, Little Sista on backing vocals and Matt Thorne, co-producer, engineer and bass) record the songs for her album. It's intimate, it's real, it's musical, it's raw.

Check out the music videos at and become friends at

Any need to create an affordable music video? Reply to this newsletter to find out.

More really cool interviews

Got some great interviews happening, past, present and future. In particular catch the Club Indie Interview I just did. Very cool for artists to listen to.

You can listen to all of them at


Recap last month

Wow what a whirlwind 4 weeks. July has just sped by. I feel like I launched the album just yesterday but it was June 29. Since that moment, I have been on a mad dash to release, express, promote and sell. I've done a dozen radio interviews, gone to Virginia Beach and back (dolphins, and the Borders gig were a good 1st place equally), and have been on a high doing music videos. Loving life.


Cool reviews

...It is the lyrics to these pieces of her inner soul that take this project to a higher level From the first note.... screaming for a top ten chart position. Her music reminds me of a cross between Alanis Morissette and Carole King. Very much like her visual artistry, her music also paints a picture of hope, a picture of inner strength. She is indeed a warrior!" THE JERSEY SHORE

"This love shines through on Gilli’s latest release "the stillness". Structurally the song writing is consistent with the premise of the prose; soft whispers of new age trance building to progressive rock finales.....ebbing between frenzy and stillness; .....I felt the lyrics were particularly strong on Silent Prophet and a good example of what to expect from "the stillness" as a whole."  ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE


Cool thing on gilli's website

Check out


In other news...
(latest news is always listed at any time of day :)

Read gilli's online diary


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Have a wonderful month everyone, 

gilli moon

@ The Mint, "the stillness" album launch. Photo by Larry Mah. What a mug shot.

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