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Friday, 16 July 2010

In case you haven't noticed, gilli moon's "the stillness" is on itunes

the stillness, by gilli moon - on iTunes. Yippee

This album is elegant. It's sophisticated. It's revealing of the human heart. Once again, like all of gilli moon's concept albums, she takes us on a journey: this time, to her inner peace, inner quiet, silence and, importantly, self-connection, amongst a tumultuous, roller coaster world that we live in. It defines her idea of being the master of your own destiny, and the ability to stay connected to your higher purpose, no matter the circumstances, outside forces or influences: the calm within a storm; being centered amongst chaos.

The artwork of the album is definitive of this dichotomy, art that gilli designed, being also a visual artist. On the front cover, gilli sleeps, inside the turmoil of her evocative paint. The back cover, on the other hand, has her eyes open, confident, and revealing. She stands convinced, amongst the blaze, amongst the spinning, still, appealing and transformed, like Isis in Ancient Greece, or Matreya, goddess of women.

Ultimately, gilli moon's new album, the stillness, takes the listener on a journey through gilli's love stories, life lessons and observations of the world, with her own stamp on musicality and performance. There is nothing like gilli moon. You can't put her in a box, and she doesn't intend to be in one.

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