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Friday, 9 July 2010

gilli moon is making noise with "the stillness" - interviews today and Sunday to listen, gig in Virginia Beach, photos from the launch, cool sale sites, her blog, new music video and what the heck is thesixtyone?

gilli moon is making some noise...

“Please do share with us, missy”

“Ok, well here you go. Ready, set, go…….”


Friday July 9th @ 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST

at - Diva ToolBox

Player is on the page to listen

July 11th, 6:05 EST to 6:25 EST.  (3.05 - 3.25 PST)   - gilli moon has an interview and talks about her new album with Dr. Syleecia Thompson

LISTEN AT -  - Once you go to this URL there is a player right on that page that will play the show.

The above shows last a week on the urls, also, so you can listen any time.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Borders, Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach, CA

    12:45 PM



gilli moon will be visiting Virginia Beach and is doing an "in-store" performance at Borders from 12 noon till 1.30pm. Special guest J.Walker. Come hear gilli and get a signed copy of her new album "the stillness". Buy it online at

Other gigs back in L.A at this link


We just wrapped up editing a brand new music video. #1 music video for gilli moon’s 2010 (6th) album, “the stillness” this music video is for the song featured on the album, “Days In November”. Performed and shot in South Park Colorado (by David Harvey) while performing at a festival out there with her band mates Andy Catt and Shawn Cunnane, as well as landscapes from the tour bus going through Fargo, North Dakota, and through the Canadian Rockies, when Ms. Moon was on tour with Eric Idle (Monty Python) a few years back, the footage is now all bundled up in a tight  music video edited by Matt Thorne.  The video is about life on the road, especially as a touring artist, going from one town to the next, and "sending back postcards of lessons" one finds along the way. It's also about love, and dreaming of a time of joy and wanting to find that again. This song speaks of enjoying the journey, and looking towards tomorrow as a time of hope for all of us. The video uses the seasons (especially Fall/Winter) and the countryside, particularly gilli moon's new love for the US and Canadian landscapes that she has travelled many times now on tour. Shots from the tour bus, or beside the road emphasizes "the journey" and the very fact that in life.... we are always moving.....  . Check out the music video at and become friends at


Read about the album launch that happened at the Mint, Los Angeles last week (blew the roof off), with some cool photos at

BUY THE STILLNESS > options to purchase the album as a physical CD, with all the lovely artwork Gilli designed (from a painting she painted!), or you can download squashed mp3s if that's your preference too! itunes/amazon you name it, she's on it.

FAB NEW SITE thesixtyone

Get a unique perspective of gilli and her stillness at


Look in the shops, online and under your pillow, - folks downunder, “the stillness” is out 9th through MGM Distribution. See the buy links at click on AUSTRALIA under “Physical CD”.


For friends and fans in the UK, France and Italy, who just can't wait till the 26th July launch date, "the stillness" is now available for sneak/advance purchase in Europe at this cool site here:  also on the Europe link at

in-Stores July 26!!!!


Join her Facebook page at and and have your say!

You could end up glorified at

gilli moon is somethin' else. So unique, a poly-media singer, songwriter, painter, performance artist, bare foot dancin' delicious delight....   a hot soulful diva  from the Aussie "Bush", who's perpetual fire in her belly purges sensual songs and a fiery, powerful voice that will knock your socks off. Just released, her new album "the stillness" oozes sensuality, self-empowerment and the inner warrior. She's the queen of Indie in Hollywood right now, with tantalizing live shows and her ability to run her world empire from her cell phone. You'll fall in love with all 5 feet of this tiny, but GRAND singer-songwriter, gilli moon. She has a lot to say, inspires many indie artists around the world with her story and rise in the music biz with her own label, and her effervescence. Don't miss her in your life. Enjoy the journey with her at Buy the album, "the stillness", and find the warrior in you

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