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Monday, 26 July 2010

gilli moon "creates a sound of her own" - "the stillness" launches in UK/Europe today, July 26 / music video action / listen and buy

REVIEW just in from My Dad Rocks UK

gilli moon is an Multi-talented Australian singer/songwriter now based in Hollywood. In fact the term Poly-media has been attributed to her as she is not just a pianist, songwriter and singer, but also a visual artist, painter, and author. She has twice won the Best Solo Artist at the L.A Rock City Music Awards and honoured with the “Outstanding Contribution as an Artist” award by the Artists For A Better World and her 6th album "the stillness" is now released. Being compared to Alanis Morrisette can be a double edged sword but on "the stillness" she creates a sound of her own with her powerful voice providing uplifting and catchy melodies interspersed with morose and soulful tunes. "the stillness" takes the listener on a journey through Gilli's love stories, life lessons and observations of the world. Love it or not, you can't help but admire it.

Assisting Gilli are:- Andy Catt - bass, Shawn Cunnane - guitar, Frank Musarra - drums, Voyce McGinley - drums, Amy Lou - percussion, J.Walker - spoken word.

You can sample the tracks on the album on  or  

In support of her outstanding sixth album "the stillness"Award winning Australian artist gilli moon has recently released her brand new video for Days In November. Filmed whilst on tour, Days In November captures life on the road through Gilli’s eyes.  click on Video to watch this Colorado filmed music video.

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