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Monday, 27 July 2009

Magnificent male music to make you melt, moan and move

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Magnificent male music to make you melt, moan and move.
- the launch of a unique music compilation celebrating male artists and their songs.

A new compilation of 35 unique male artists will be released worldwide, called ART OF MEN, through iTunes, online e-tailers, as well as at a launch celebration party and performance at THE MINT, Los Angeles on Wednesday August 26. CD reviews, interviews and press passes for the gala event are available by contacting us further down. Official website is

Produced by Australian Poly-media artist Gilli Moon, the ART OF MEN CD compilation celebrates 35 talented male artists from around the world, delivering songs in a tapestry of different genres & styles of music dedicated to messages empowering human equality, communication and vitality.

Released by Warrior Girl Music, it will be available to purchase for the first time on the night and worldwide on iTunes, and other digital stores. CD drops Aug 26.

Come celebrate the launch at The Mint, LOS ANGELES on Wednesday August 26, and watch some amazing artists from the compilation perform their hearts out.

The ART OF MEN compilation series is associated with the already critically acclaimed Females On Fire series (, produced by Warrior Girl Music, which celebrates over 100 talented female artists from around the world through its three double compilations. To properly create balance where balance is due, Warrior Girl Music is very excited to announce a compilation dedicated to magnificent male artists, equally looking for recognition, promotion and elevation in the music industry. Sponsored by Mastering Solutions ( CDNet Card, (, and part proceeds to the 501c)3) non profit Songsalive! (


Magnificent male music to make you melt, moan and move.
Hosted by artist, gilli moon, from Warrior Girl Music. Featuring talented male artists from around the world: J.WALKER (L.A), MITCH SIEGAL (Florida), JAMES KEEN & MAGAZINE GAP (London), RANDAMEN (Colorado Springs), BILLY MOSCHELLA JR. & SERENITY (Boston), PAUL KILLION (L.A), ALEXEN (L.A), CHRISTOPHER BARRAN (Canada) and a few girls, incl. GILLI MOON (Australia),
and more to be announced soon.


Time: Doors open 7pm.

Address: 6010 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Directions and venue website:
This is a 21+ venue. (call the venue for exceptions on bringing minors 323-954-9400)
Dinner reservations: 323-954-9400
TICKETS: $10 online in advance (or $20 including advance cd purchase)
Buy a ticket online here to guarantee entry
(Also Tickets will be also on sale on the night at the door).
Prices do not include food. Dinner sold separately. Dinner reservations are not required (but table seating are reserved for dining patrons). See phone above. for more details.


The ART OF MEN CD showcases male solo artists and male fronted bands to apply on the compilation.

The Compilation’s mission is to create, promote and manage unique artistic creations guided by the artist's vision and under the artist's direction; creations that transcend race, age or gender and embrace passion, love for music and life, personal excellence and global consciousness.

The album is focused on 6 main elements, which the artists are asked to use as guidelines in their submission:
1. Exposure of great talent and timeless songs.
2. A celebration of male talent.
3. Hit songs that a mass audience will appreciate.
4. Songs that are positive, motivating and inspiring and talk about men's relationship with women.
5 . Following Warrior Girl Music’s mission above and about our organization.
6 . A highly creative and production-strong CD, competitive in the marketplace.

How the Compilation came together:

Gilli Moon, recording artist, songwriter and music producer in her own right, had created three compilations for female artists, called FEMALES ON FIRE, to showcase talented, undiscovered artists and spotlight them on the world stage. Over 100 artists are showcased across the 3 compilations and the project has received accolades from around the world, as well as provided the artists a community of support and cross-promotion. With all due respect, Gilli wanted to shine male artists, and in the summer of 08 put out a call for the best songs from male artists around the world. The CD is a perfect vehicle for artists to access the music industry, the media and make potential long lasting business relationships for their music. Out of 700 songs, 35 were selected!

A panel of judges (including Gilli's team from her label Warrior Girl Music, J.Walker, Rhymecologist and well-known spoken word artist, plus a panel of respected music industry consultants) chose the best songs submitted. The songs chosen are positive, motivating and inspiring and embraces global and human issues that we can all relate to and be inspired by.

Warrior Girl Music’s team have compiled the songs in a favorable order to spotlight each songs uniquely on the compilation; professionally mastered the tracks with sponsor Mastering Solutions (; designed the CD artwork with eye-catching authentic oil paintings by Australian artist Julie Sydenham; and packaged the CDs through sponsor CDNet Card, (, L.A's leading CD manufacturer. The resulting CD compilation is presented as a professional package, which will present each artist strongly and favorably.

Promotion and distribution are directed to music supervisors (film and television), music publishers, national music conferences & seminars, record labels, the media (print and radio), producers, and artists looking for songs. Retail distribution includes direct sales through the Warrior Girl Music Store nd distributors in the U.S, Canada and Australia. Audiences everywhere will fall in love with these artists. Proceeds of the compilation also benefit Songsalive! ( a non-profit 501c)3) organization dedicated to the support, promotion and education of songwriters and composers worldwide.

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