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Monday, 13 July 2009

gilli moon in Las Vegas

gilli moon coming to Las Vegas

Hi everyone. I'm very excited to announce that i'm visiting Las Vegas this coming weekend, to be the guest speaker at the Songsalive! Workshop on Monday July 20, and I'll also be available for one on one coaching sessions.

Thanks and see you in the city of dreams!

Are you a songwriter/composer? This workshop is for you. Recurring every month, I will be the guest speaker this month at the Songsalive! Vegas Workshop and will be talking about Tips and Tools on how songwriters can network. Plus I'll be listening to your songs and providing feedback. Come prepared with your lyric sheets (20) and Cd or instrument. Please RSVP not to me, but to host Candace Kruse at vegas [AT] and she can answer any questions you may have. It's a nominal donation at the door as it's a non profit organization (and free for members). I'm sure you'll dig it, if you haven't been to one before. Rules of what to bring at and the Vegas page is at

Monday, July 20, 2009
gilli speaking - Las Vegas Songsalive! Workshop, NV
6:00 PM sharp
Sam Ash Music
2747 S Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas NV 89109
(Directions: 702-734-0007
gilli moon speaks at the Songsalive! Vegas Songwriting Workshop.
Come get feedback on your songs, as well as listen to Tips and Tools on how Songwriters can Network.

Need one-on-one attention? I will be available on Sunday afternoon 19th through till Tuesday morning 21st for coaching sessions. If you are interested, please go to and read about how I conduct these sessions. Then contact me directly at info [AT] with your interest and schedule. I will be available on email only up until Saturday evening preceding my trip to schedule these so please get in touch!

Aspects of the sessions include:

  • Work out your path – highest dreams fitting into a tangible direction and plan that you can follow and achieve

  • A monthly schedule and to-do list so you get things done

  • Working on your time management for artistry/creativity and the business side

  • Overcoming blocks, fears and obstacles

  • Creating abundance in everything you do

  • Creating a strong marketing plan with resources, tips and tools to get your music out there on a grand scale

  • Assisting the relationship building with connections

  • Keeping accountable for your goals and visions on a monthly basis when we meet next

  • And so much more…. including song feedback and marketing advice.


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gilli2_small_425gilli moon is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. She is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, pianist, actor, producer, author, painter, motivator, entrepreneur, visionary and empowering community builder, and like her company name, she is truly a Warrior Girl. Her restless creativity and rebellious nature continually urge the artist to push the envelope when writing a song, recording in the studio, on stage, in business and with whatever she touches. Gilli (pronounced as with a "J") is an illustrious, energetic poly-media artist, with multifaceted albums and dynamic live shows that have touched music lovers worldwide garnering high praise from the most jaded of critics. For the past 10 years she has been one of Australia's most influential and iconic Artists, forging an independent path before anyone knew what "indie" was. She has produced and released 5 studio music albums of her original music, to critical acclaim, released several EPs and singles, written hundreds of songs, winning songwriting and artist awards and licensing to film and television show, and has performed around the world many times. gilli moon is the quintessential renaissance woman, with a ceaseless contribution to the creative and artist community at large.

Gilli has become a beacon for artists around the world, inspired and motivated by Gilli's story, and her creativity. She performs and tours around the world and is constantly creating projects for her own music and arts passions, as well as for others. Inspired to make a difference in the music industry for songwriters, Gilli co-founded Songsalive!, in 1997, which is now the largest internationally based non-profit songwriters organization. Gilli has written a motivational book for artists of all genres called "I AM A Professional Artist - the Key to Survival and Success in the World of the Arts" based on her experiences in the music and general arts businesses as an artist and entrepreneur, and is currently writing her sophomore book release "Just Get Out There" due in 2009.

Discover this dynamic and organic artist at Click on Bio for her full story. Her music plays from every page. Check out her label, Warrior Girl Music, which also offers private artist coaching at And the non profit organization Songsalive! at

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