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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Love, Joy and flow. What more could you want in life? New blog by gilli moon


I was driving around LA the other day and became depressed listening to NPR news on the radio. Middle East discontent (when was there ever a different time?); political discontent; shootings, kidnappings, armed robberies, car chases, police blockades; economic woes: Nasdaq this, Wall Street that; Foreclosures, unemployment,… the list went on and on. I started to feel the tension in my hands, as my fingers began to clutch the wheel harder than usual. I honked at a driver in front of me who cut in too close, and my jaw started to clench.


I turned the radio off. “Enough!” I shouted  to myself inside my car, driving along the ever-being-repaired 405 at snail pace speed. Cars choc-a-block on the freeway, all going at about 10 miles an hour, even though a new lane was built to help the process.


I looked at the traffic, and I felt the blocks inside mirroring this tornado of a world I was seeing and hearing.


“I don’t want this life of strife. I don’t want disharmony. I want harmony. I want joy. I want fun. I want things to turn out like I dreamed. I want… flow…”


The minute I said “flow”, the traffic started to open up and I could regain normal speed. It was like I attracted a clear road just by thinking good thoughts. All of a sudden, the whole lane was empty in front of me. I had a clear path, an easy path. I turned the radio back on, and NPR was now playing a really nice and vibey smooth jazz number. I began to sing along, and my heart felt at peace.



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