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Friday, 11 May 2012


Los Angeles Women In Music ( a non-profit organization here in California,  collects CDs throughout the year for our troops on behalf of Operation Gratitude ( The CDs go in the Patriotic Drive and Holiday Drive care packages that are sent to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed in hostile regions, to their children left behind, and to Wounded Warriors recuperating in Transition Units.

Recently, Warrior Girl Music (, Gilli Moon’s label, contributed 1300 Compilation CDs to LaWim's efforts, -  CDs of the Females On Fire series (1,2 and 3) and Art of Men. We are proud to participate in this program, knowing that this gift of music will help put a smile on a soldier's face, lift their spirits, and let them know that the men and women who serve our country are not forgotten.

The FEMALES ON FIRE music compilation series, founded by Gilli Moon, celebrates close to 100 talented female artists from around the world, and is a vehicle and platform for female artists to be heard and shine, dedicated to messages empowering femininity, human equality, love, communication and vitality. The CD’s mission is to create, promote and manage unique artistic creations guided by the artist's vision and under the artist's direction; creations that transcend race, age or gender and embrace passion, love for music and life, personal excellence and global consciousness.

The ART OF MEN CD celebrates  35 independent male artists and their songs. from around the world, delivering songs in a tapestry of different genres & styles of music dedicated to messages empowering human equality, communication and vitality. Listen to the songs below.

More details and purchase your CD at

$1 of every Females On Fire Cd sold goes towards ( providing help to impoverished women worldwide.

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