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Saturday, 17 April 2010

gilli moon is IMRadio's Featured Artist and you can hear 3 tracks from the new album exclusively


gilli moon, CONGRATULATIONS on being IMRadio's Featured Artist Showcase on our home page at:!

"We should all be lucky enough to go to California and hear one of its best, new artists, gilli moon.  Originally, from Australia, gilli writes wonderful lyrics and combines sensuality with a pure voice in “I’m Alive”, “Be”, and “Days in November.” gilli moon sings songs that you will never forget.  She is currently preparing to launch her new album “The Stillness” at the famous Mint in LA.  She’s new to IMRadio and simply amazing!  M.C. Rydel" 

3 of gilli moon’s songs from the upcoming album, the stillness, are exclusively played, appearing for the first time, on IMRadio. Check them out!

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Paddy Noonan said...

We here at IMRadio are honored to be airing three of gilli moon's outstanding songs. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us gilli! peace, Paddy Noonan,, Founder and Musician