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Monday, 22 February 2010

The last 48 hours from our living room to yours - getting filmed by 60 Minutes, Australia

J.Walker and I have just spent the last 48 hours in an amazing whirlwind. We travelled to Seattle to be filmed by 60 Minutes Australia on a really cool story that involves our relationship, relationships in general, and our creative, music lives.  What a unique opportunity. The cool part was having the crew in our living room at home in Los Angeles, and then them filming our show at Kulaks in North Hollywood on Saturday night. So, sometime in April we will go from our living room to yours! We’ll keep our Aussie friends posted of the air date, and for those in the rest of the world, hopefully it will be archived on their website online. We will remember this experience for the rest of our lives. Andy Warhol once said “you only get 15 minutes of fame in your life time”. Maybe this 15 min 60 Minute segment is it. Ha ha. What fun!

Photo is with Tara Brown, reporter, Stephen Taylor, producer, J.Walker, gilli moon, Daniel from Seattle, and Tangles on sound, Paul on camera.

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