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Monday, 5 October 2009

Songsalive! president, gilli moon, meets Julia Gillard, Australia's Deputy Prime Minister

On Sunday October 4, at an informal backyard garden party hosted by the American Australian Association, at the home of the Consul General of Australia based in Brentwood, California, Songsalive! president, Gilli Moon, met Julia Gillard, Australia's Deputy Prime Minister.

It was a casual affair, but everyone was suited up and Gilli wore her party frock. In their conversation, Gilli spoke about Songsalive! and how it has developed from Sydney Australia, into the largest international non-profit organization for songwriters and composers worldwide, now with its second base in Los Angeles. "The international focus of the organization", Gilli revealed to Julia, "is to be a door stop for Australian songwriters and composers when coming to America, as well as creating synergy and collaboration between Australian and American songwriters and composers."

Julia seemed impressed with the success of Songsalive!'s development and expansion and expressed her thanks for doing something not only worthwhile for Aussie artists, but contributing fruitful relationships between the two countries, (a primary focus of her trip to Los Angeles.)

Gilli also gave Julia a copy of her extraOrdinary life CD. "Oh Good", Julia said. "I'll have something to play in the car while I'm here!"

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Photos: Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, and Gilli Moon, President and co-founder of Songsalive!

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