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Thursday, 25 September 2008

September 2008 update from Females On Fire



3rd compilation release

We have officially released the Females On Fire CD Compilation No. 3 with 36 awesome female artists. That now brings us to 100 artists across the 3 compilations. Wow! All of you are on this close-knit distribution list.


The CD is for sale at go STORE. It is also for sale at >


release celebrations

We had a fantastic launch party in Los Angeles at The Mint in August, which was standing room only. You can read about it at


And photos from the night here:


Subsequently, Danica Lani, Warrior Girl in Melbourne Australia, followed with a great launch down-under. You can read about it here:


We also had a Females On Fire showcase at the Indiegrrl Conference in Virginia in August.


UPCOMING: We expect to release the 3rd compilation also in NEW YORK CITY (Early 09) and Hawaii. If you want to see where we have celebrated the release of the previous cds in the past, go to and click on Events/Tours. This page also has upcoming events.

Females On Fire & CARE

As previously mentioned, Care ( was chosen as an organization to donate part of our proceeds of the new Females On Fire 3 compilation.  CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. They place special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE's community -based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives. Their mission is "to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Drawing strength from our global diversity, resources and experience, we promote innovative solutions and are advocates for global responsibility."

Females On Fire is committed to supporting CARE, which in turn helps with their fight against poverty and their efforts to empower women in the developing world. We donated $500 towards CARE this month ($1 per first 500 CDs sold). for more details about this wonderful organization.



Latest distribution of the compilation

All 3 Females On Fire CDs were recently exhibited at the Indiegrrl Conference in Virginia. They will be exhibited at the upcoming Dewey Beach Music Festival, Delaware this coming weekend; the Independent Music Conference at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood on Fri 10, Sat 11 and Sun 12 October; and it will be exhibited at the Taxi Road Rally 6-9 November, near LAX.   What this means is, we have them on display on an exhibition booth (shared with Songsalive!, the non profit organization supporting songwriters which I co-founded and preside over). When music industry representatives express interest in it, we give them a copy of the CD and we follow up later to see if they showed more interest. We also have them for sale as part of WGM’s ability to recoup costs.


We have them available at (scroll down to “How you can make money” for a Cdbaby $ opportunity) .
This is linked from go STORE.



Media (mainstream radio and internet radio), Podcasts (we have our own on our website), consumers (who buy the CDs from us and from you), Music Industry Representatives (publishers, labels, producers, film & tv music supervisors) which we send the CD to (currently we are in the motions of sending packages out to film and tv music supervisors in the L.A area). You can read about the distribution on our website under Distribution.

MUSIC CONFERENCES - Since the first release in August 2005, The Females On Fire CD has been exhibited at

·         ASCAP Expo Los Angeles (2006-09)

·         Artist for a Better World Festival Hollywood 08

·         Bermuda Songwriting Retreat 2006

·         Coffee and Me Expo in Pasadena 2007

·         Dewey Beach Festival, DE 2007-08

·         DIY Music Conference L.A, CA 2005-07

·         Durango Songwriters Expo, Santa Barbara, CA 07- 08

·         Females On Fire, the Los Angeles Women's Music Festival (2007)

·         Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa CA 2006-07

·         Independent Music Conference Los Angeles 2007-08

·         Independent Music Conference, Philadelphia and Dallas 2005-07

·         Indiegrrl Conference Virginia 08

·         Los Angeles Women's Music Festival, CA 2007

·         Nemo Music Festival, Boston MA 2005-06

·         New England Music Expo, CT 2005

·         Park City Film Music Festival & Sundance, Park City UT 07

·         Peats Ridge Folk Festival, NSW Australia 2006

·         Rockrgrl Conference, Seattle WA 2006

·         South Park Music Festival, Colorado 07-08

·         SXSW, Austin TX 2005-07

·         Taxi Road Rally Los Angeles 2005-08

·         Temecula Film & Music Festival, CA 20007

·         Worldfest L.A, CA  2006-08

More 2008 distribution Stay tuned at go News for updates.


Females on Fire podcast


The new Females on Fire/Warrior Girl podcast is now up and running on the home page at Every month, Kathy Greenholdt (fellow FOF artist and Warrior Girl helper) will post a new podcast and rotate the artists and songs so that everyone on the three FOF compilations is featured. Here are the featured songs for September:


Popstar - Miria

Show Me - Claire Wyndham

Beautiful - gilli moon & J.Walker

Making Love to Your Girlfriend - Davina Robinson

Love Letters - ZION Trinity

Heron - Maeve Hughes

Summer's Through - Kathy Greenholdt

Broken Machine - Sally Tomato

Beautiful World - Holly Light

Kissin' the Wind - Megan Laurie

I Know a Sister - Jamie Green

Firegirl - Laura Bradley

I'm Always Here - That Girl Laura

How Long - Astra Kelly

Is My Everything Enough? - Dina Gathe

La Verdad - Zoraida Santiago

Funky Young Flower - Lizzie

Fires Burning - Amy Therrien

Break Your Heart - Cyndi Vellmure

Growing Up in Public - 9 Red Sun

Why'd You Leave Me? - Twila




"The thing that immediately struck me about this compilation is the incredible selection of styles from the musicians. Almost everything is represented from full out rock and roll to raunchy harmonica-infused country to tender ballads and everything in between. With impeccable production and a quality of songwriting that is incredible, this CD was a treasure chest of unknown (at least to me) gems." ~ Rock and Roll Report."

 Read all the Compilations' reviews at go REVIEWS


Past cool projects



August 07: We produced (with Gaia Rocks) Females On Fire, the Los Angeles Women's Music Festival  in Los Angeles, attracting 3000 people, on Saturday 25th, August 2007 and it was a huge success!   Celebrating women in music and the men and women who love them, Females On Fire - The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival, featured more than 100 artists and performers from around the world, including female headline acts and an eclectic array of female singer/songwriters and female-fronted bands representing all styles and genres of music. Also included were poets and spoken word artists, comedians, as well as vendor and exhibitor booths, children's activities, workshops, vegan and organic food vendors, healing arts, pet adoptions and more. Proceeds of this year's festival benefited animal rescue organizations. More details here  We are unsure there will be a 2008 festival yet. We are awaiting news from our sponsors. But there will definitely be some Females On Fire events coming up.



Sponsors’ offers

We chose Independent Mastering in Nashville to do the job, led by Eric Conn. He’s a great guy and if you ever need mastering, we highly recommend him for his exceptional work and his rates are affordable.


We have selected Groovehouse Records as our CD manufacturer. Located in Woodland Hills, they are a great manufacturer with excellent customer relations. We haven’t started duplicating yet (still mastering), but it will be exciting to feel the CDs in our hot little hands soon. If you ever need cd manufacturing, contact Groovehouse at and ask for Bryan.


With our contacts, ALWAYS say that Gilli, Warrior Girl Music or Females On Fire recommended you. They like to see where the referrals come from and can take care of you better.





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Please link to us on your website ( and Add us as a Friend on MySpace




All the best everyone, we’ll be keeping in touch with the process!


gilli moon



Warrior Girl Music




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