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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Females On Fire Podcast




The new Females on Fire/Warrior Girl podcast is now up and running. Every month, I will post a new podcast and rotate the artists and songs so that everyone on the three FOF compilations is featured. Here are the featured songs for September:


Popstar - Miria

Show Me - Claire Wyndham

Beautiful - gilli moon & J.Walker

Making Love to Your Girlfriend - Davina Robinson

Love Letters - ZION Trinity

Heron - Maeve Hughes

Summer's Through - Kathy Greenholdt

Broken Machine - Sally Tomato

Beautiful World - Holly Light

Kissin' the Wind - Megan Laurie

I Know a Sister - Jamie Green

Firegirl - Laura Bradley

I'm Always Here - That Girl Laura

How Long - Astra Kelly

Is My Everything Enough? - Dina Gathe

La Verdad - Zoraida Santiago

Funky Young Flower - Lizzie

Fires Burning - Amy Therrien

Break Your Heart - Cyndi Vellmure

Growing Up in Public - 9 Red Sun

Why'd You Leave Me? - Twila


To listen to the podcast, go to (upper right corner of home page). Enjoy!


Kathy G.


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