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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

gilli moon's song "Be" in Film Trailer - "Surviving in L.A"

We are delighted to announce that gilli moon’s song, “Be” is featured in the upcoming Film “Surviving in L.A” TRAILER (and will be featured in the film when completed).

"Surviving in L.A" - Romantic comedy feature film

Abbi Lake O'Neill, writer-director

Story: Kate McCarthy, a former teen TV star, is fresh out of rehab and has lost her Beverly Hills mansion to foreclosure. She has to move into a scruffy area of Echo Park to get her life back together. She sees her eclectic neighbors as losers and has-beens. But this strange and hopeful bunch may be just what she needs to quit drugs and turn her life around.

To be shown on HBO Europe in 2013.

"Great comedy...I fell in love with the characters...the bittersweet moments made everything so real."

- Arts4All webzine

“Surviving in L.A” is officially live on Kickstarter and looking for your support, here

Buy gilli moon’s song, “Be” (part of her album “the stillness) on iTunes here:

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