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Saturday, 10 December 2011

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Warrior Girl Music eNews
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Dec '11

G'day peaceful warriors, gilli moon here.

Getting ready for some time out down-under but not before I tell you a few awesome things that have happened and are about to happen in 2012. Let's jump right in...

So, what have I been up to? Well in a nut shell - song writing, speaking at the Taxi Road Rally and Musicians Institute to artists about gettin' in the biz and becoming artist entrepreneurs; helped m hubby J.Walker launch his fabulous new album (details below). We had a sell out concert at The Mint in LA on Nov 29 and also celebrated the Songsalive! Holiday party with 14 hot songwriters. What a night it was. Review below.

I've made a silly short film too, with my arch nemesis Fleur Flem and introducing to the world, new character Tina Tickleopolis. Scroll down to watch the Thanksgiving Flik and get ready to giggle!

Oh my gosh, I found out that my single, "I'm Alive" from "the stillness" album claimed Number #1 slot on Music Research. This is where they survey thousands of people on songs (normally on behalf of Labels) to test the songs for hit value. Wow! Now, I may not be #1 on that radio station you keep hearing, nor #1 album at the Grammys, but let me tell you that being # 1 on Music Research is AMAZING as it defines what people want to hear by the taste makers. This is BIG in Music Industry standards.... More on that below!

About to do: Just got confirmed to perform at NAMM again on January 21. This has to be one of the world's premier music conferences and we have prime spot! And on Dec 14 (next Wednesday) I will be in Orange County again for a show so, friends and fans, come on out! See below. 

Looking for that perfect holiday love song? Grab my single "Merry Christmas My Love" as a download or ringtone. I know you want it!


Hope you enjoy my eNews! Read on....


upcoming engagements

Dec 14, 2011     6:30 PM     Posch Restaurant     Irvine, CA      
Someone Cares Soup Kitchen Happy Hour Fundraiser
@ Posch Restaurant. 18912 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, CA 92612 aising $100,000 for the Hungry & Homeless. VIP tables & late night appetizer menu available! 949.833.1900

Jan 21, 2012     11:00 PM     NAMM @ Hilton Anaheim     Anaheim, CA
Once again, gilli moon and her rockin' full band have been invited back to perform at NAMM on the Saturday night, hottest timeslot. The place will be jammin'! @ Hilton Anaheim, Muzaeo Stage (in the large lobby) 777 Convention Way Anaheim, CA 92802. You don't need to have a Namm badge to see us.We will also be performing acoustically at 11:00AM in the Hilton Starbucks, as a work up to the big performance that night.

Mar 14, 2012     7:00 PM     M Bar     Hollywood, CA
gilli moon performs at the Los Angeles Women In Music (LaWiM) Showcase @ M-Bar. Hosted by Harriet Schock. $10 entrance plus $10 food minimum. Reservations call 323-856-0036 /  LaWiM


gilli moon in the media

PERFORMER MAGAZINE: The Genghis Cohen got a taste of “the thunder from down under,” when Australian musician gilli moon performed this past Thursday night.  Moon has lived in Los Angeles for the past 10 years and continues to produce albums that speak volumes to her audience.   She has total of six records under her belt and sang a number of selections from her catalog.  She also performed some great hits from her most recent release, The Stillness.

Moon’s passion for not only her own music, but music in general, was obvious as she performed with a sense of joy and confidence.  Snaps and claps filled the venue, coming from both the audience and Moon herself.  Moon’s songs were relatable to every woman in the crowd, as she sang from the heart about the pain of heartbreak and the struggle to find yourself during chaotic times.

Moon began the set with songs off her previous albums.  Those tracks were filled with honest messages of struggle and self-doubt.  She took the stage, headed over to her piano and belted out “Release Me,” from her 2005 release, Extraordinary Life. Like a self-therapy session, she seemed to calm herself and embrace the struggle as she delivered music from The Stillness. The central message of the album is the need for inner peace within oneself and to learn from past mistakes.

It was as though the crowd was watching Moon morph from a girl into a woman right before their eyes.  The tracks seem to solve all the immature, but normal problems that a girl faces during the journey of self-discovery. Her music makes us realize that the answers to our struggles can’t be found in others, but within ourselves.

More Reviews

gilli moon - Number One with song "I'm Alive" on Music Research.

Thrilled to be Number One with my song “I’m Alive” on Music Research. This is where they survey thousands of people on songs (normally on behalf of Labels) to test the songs for hit value. Wow! What's exciting about this, is this rating is given by those who participate Record Test music surveys and record companies pay these kinds of companies to do testing by listeners on new singles before they send it to radio/the market. Well, my song is #1 and that means it's HIT VALUE! ~ gilli

"We hear you!"
Congratulations to our New Number One Artist!
"Special Feature" Spotlight EXPLODES! "I'm Alive" has proven itself out of the gate, by swiftly reaching the top of our MUSICLOVERS CHOICE RANKINGS! It's another winner for multiple MUSICLOVERS CHOICE awards artist, Gilli Moon!  Read more

 Watch "I'm Alive" the music video at (my music video channel)


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Book: JUST GET OUT THERE - Achieving Abundance, Self-Empowerment and Professional Success as an Artist Entrepreneur
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Video DVD Workshop - JUST GET OUT THERE  
Gilli Moon's Workshop for Artists and Musicians to Achieve Success and Self-Empowerment as a Warrior Artist Entrepreneur. A great accompaniment to the book.


by gilli moon
"Prepare to enter the stillness of gilli moon, where the only thing moved is the listener... Life is like a drug for gilli moon, and the passion that courses through the veins of ‘the stillness’ is the same life-blood that created the pyramids, brought humankind to outer-space and fathomed individual expression through the arts. Simply stated, Ms. moon has tapped into Maya, and is here to share it with all who are open and receptive.” 

 SONG DOWNLOAD on Facebook
Get your gratis download of gilli moon's song "I'm Alive" from her album, "the stillness" on gilli's Facebook page. Get it while the promotion lasts.


A plug for my husband's new album, "Ambitions of a Writer", by J.Walker. It really is a fantastic 10 song disc of hip hop, yet intelligence infused, songs and spoken word pieces. I really can't razzle it enough save for the fact that I co-wrote 2 of the songs and produced a song. Yep you will hear me on the record even beyond just the 2 songs as I lend my vocals here and there. You can get it at and



Bloggin' It
the official gilli moon diary

Everywhere gilli goes, she writes. Read her anecdotes of different cities, interesting shows, people she meets and experiences felt.

Today's blog: Giving Thanks

We seldom give thanks, really. We shuffle through our days, our weeks and months in the act of doing. Rarely do we take time to stop and smell the roses, and give thanks except for the one Holiday a year, Thanksgiving. But we shouldn't have to wait for that day to be thankful. Every day can be filled with thanks.

Not only should we thank others, but we should thank ourselves. We should take stock of who we are and who we've become and celebrate our victories, even the small ones. Appreciation of where we've come, along the long path of self-discovery, is so important.

It's easy to give thanks, once we understand how easy it is. It can be for 1 minute a day. Hug yourself, look up to the heavens and say, "thank you universe for giving me permission to be who I want to be, and discover new things, today. Thank you for my growth, and my own self-awareness. Thank you for all the little miracles that add up to one big whole awesome ride, called life."

Whether you believe in God, or Mother Nature, or the Universe, or none of it, there is every reason to give thanks. Start today, with just a minute, to show your gratitude of YOU, the awesome being that you are.

Now, that I've taken that moment, feeling warm and fuzzy and wonderful as a human being, I want to give thanks to everyone around me. On a personal note, I feel a great sense of achievement today. Fourteen years ago today I moved to the United States from Australia to pursue my dreams as a music recording artist. Since that day I have released 6 albums, on my own label I created; built a worldwide non-profit songwriters organization, Songsalive!; written and published 2 books; toured the States 3 times and all across Europe; and found the man of my dreams and married him.
I am very thankful of the blessings in my life, and the successes that have come to me and that I have created. I am living my dream.

I couldn't have achieved any of that without people. There have been numerous angels in my corner to support and nurture my growth and path and I thank each and every one of them for their guidance and opportunities. I hope I have also assisted their dreams too, even a little bit, for this life is all about the give and the give.

Most of all, I couldn't have achieved any of that without my own sense of purpose, inner confidence and trust that it will all be ok. And it is.

Thank you world.
~ gilli moon....

(or go Art & Writing / Blog)


An Amazing Night of Music, Food, Prizes, and Awards at the Songsalive!/Songnet Holiday Party

 Tues Nov 29 @ The Mint: A packed house of 150. 14 Songsalive! songwriters performed on this incredible night. Stellar performances by J.Walker (great album launch first set) with gilli moon (host and performer, The Conlons (Annette Conlon was honored with the 2011 Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award) Suzy Husner, Kaye Reznick, Thomas Hornig, Rosie Tate (also awesome as merch girl) Jimi Yamagishi (also our co-sponsor with Songnet and donated the Guitar for the Raffle), Mike V (excellent stage management also), Damon Rosario, Rebecca Sullivan, Kathleen Blackwell, Stephen GC and Amanda Abizaid. WOW! The Mint was packed, the food was great, the music was top notch. Our Songsalive! Team (Dave, Mike, Rosie, Monique, Ann, Jimi, Rodney) were humming like a well oiled machine. Rodney received the Team recognition award for the year for his great service running the OC Chapter. I particularly was impressed with Rosie and Monique as the merch girls in their red holiday outfits. 3 Raffle prizes worth $1217 went to 3 lucky people, costume prize to Rosie Tate, and at midnight we pulled down the decorations and hugged as a job well done. One of our BEST holiday parties yet!  Join our LA Chapter Group on our website: and also our Meetup site to RSVP for future events

If you're a songwriter, get involved in Songsalive! I spend a lot of my time philanthropically overseeing this worldwide songwriters community. We'd love tosee you there! - gilli


AND FINALLY,... a little bit of FUN!

Funky Talk with Fleur Flem -Tina Tickleopolis covers the Thanksgiving Parade...
A seriously funny look at life, current affairs and the meaning of Thanksgiving. Fleur Flem, current affairs news host, covers the Thanksgiving Parade with Tina Tickleopolis on location. Includes Celebrities and not so welcome guests. WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO or on



Thank you for reading everyone! I hope this was entertaining and that you all have a lovely holiday season!

Love, gilli moon


P.S: Like my new head shots? They were taken by Mikel Healey. She's awesome! Google her and let her know I sent you!

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