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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

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Warrior Girl Music eNews
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November 2011

G'day peaceful warriors, gilli moon here.

Wow, time flies when you're having fun. We've been pretty busy here over at Warrior Girl Music, putting some finishing touches to some new products coming out, and some cool, cool events coming up. You haven't heard from me since August, and already we've jumped out of summer and into fall. I hope you missed me!

So, what have I been up to? Well in a nut shell - song writing, music recording, performing, artist workshops, art designing, and event promoting. Oh, just a few things...  I just finished designing the new cover of the Indiebible, a fabulous resource for musicians to get their songs heard. I've been designing the cover for several years. It will be released in December. You can see the last cover here. I choose artists for the cover from our Pro Members at Songsalive! which helps our non-profit songwriters organization as well. I also had an Artistalive! Fall Retreat in September, at our LA base, and we had an intimate circle of artists who came for the weekend to go deep on discovering who they are and how they want to promote themselves. I also spoke at the Musicians Instituate, Hollywood. That was a real treat. Our Workshops are listed here and if you're interested in one-on-one artist career coaching, check out our Warrior Artist Coaching website.

Speaking of workshops, I'll  be talking at the Taxi Road Rally this Saturday at 2.30pm with my Driver's Ed course: Just Get Out There - Step by Step Workshop for Artists and Musicians to Achieve Success and Self-Empowerment as a Warrior Artist. If you're interested in attending you need to be a Taxi member and attending the conference. Details at I'll also be around with my Books in the Book Room, and offering one-on-one consults all weekend Fri-Sun.

What's really cool, is I have been recording an album with J.Walker, lending my voice, keys, and some producing skills, to his new record, plus designing the cover - and oh how COOL it will be: J.Walker's new album, "Ambitions of a Writer" is to be released on Tuesday November 29 @ The Mint, LA. I'll be performing, as well. It should be great night. Details below. Immediately following his launch (which is early in the night) is our Songsalive! Holiday Party, with a bunch of original songwriters performing, raffle prizes, best costume contest, and Santa may even turn up!

upcoming engagements

Nov 5, 2011     2:30 PM    
gilli moon speaking engagement: Taxi Road Rally - Just Get Out There - a Step by Step Workshop for Artists and Musicians to Achieve Success and Self-Empowerment as a Warrior Artist Entrepreneur - Plus BOOK showing, coaching and booth. reserve coaching Join Taxi

Nov 29, 2011     7:00 PM    
gilli supports J.Walker release his new album "Ambitions of a Writer", plus a Songsalive! Holiday Party
@ THE MINT 6010 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90035
Cross Street: Crescent Heights Boulevard (323) 954-9400 for directions and dinner reservations (a must!)
Check out J.Walker at and Songsalive! at


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Book: JUST GET OUT THERE - Achieving Abundance, Self-Empowerment and Professional Success as an Artist Entrepreneur
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by gilli moon
"Prepare to enter the stillness of gilli moon, where the only thing moved is the listener... Life is like a drug for gilli moon, and the passion that courses through the veins of ‘the stillness’ is the same life-blood that created the pyramids, brought humankind to outer-space and fathomed individual expression through the arts. Simply stated, Ms. moon has tapped into Maya, and is here to share it with all who are open and receptive.” 

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Bloggin' It
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Everywhere gilli goes, she writes. Read her anecdotes of different cities, interesting shows, people she meets and experiences felt.

Today's blog: What's Money Got To Do With It

Today I coached one of my favorite Artist Clients (we work together every month on her music career goals), and the subject of money came up. It came about after she did my Circle of Personal Perspective Exercise (you can find that in my book, Just Get Out There), whereby she perceived her professional goals at a 4 out of 10, less than half. I asked her why she put such a low number, especially after all the work she has been doing in fulfilling her dreams and working on her goals. She replied that it was because even though she has been doing a lot, she isn't making any money from it, and so therefore didn't value her progress. I  reminded her about the chapter I have in my book Just Get Out There, as well as the whole ethos about being a professional artist, in my first book I AM A Professional Artist. Simply put, I have come to the conclusion from my writings and interviewing other artists, and also how I live my life as an artist, that being a Professional Artist does not mean you have to be making money from your Art. It's a hard pill to swallow even in our enlightened culture, because as a child we and even our parents have been taught that self-value comes from a "good ol' fashioned" job that pays well and affords you all the things you need in this life.... (cont...)

(or go Art & Writing / Blog)


Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you tap into your inner warrio today. Enjoy the journey,

Love, gilli moon


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