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Friday, 19 August 2011

Take control of your website design: I recommend a Weebly web hosting site

WEEBLY is my preferred site of choice to design and host a website: > to set up your own FREE account.

If you use the link above you get one month free as a Premium customer.

Having control of your website is really important. No more waiting around for someone else to update your site for you, costing you money.

Check out some sites I've done on Weebly. Amazing graphics, loads easy, social networking integrated, fun awesome look and feel and you easy to use.

My Premium sites:

My Free sites:

The Premium sites I pay $80 every 2 Years – for up to 10 websites! You can have your own Advertising, footer, no weebly branding, cool widgets.

The Free sites are …well…. free – for up to 3 free websites!

The only difference with a free account is a couple of widgets are unavailable, you can’t have your own ads, and there is a little weebly footer showing at bottom of the page. To remove it, and have more options, go Premium. (Start Free, upgrade later). > to set up your own FREE account.

First month premium features.

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