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Monday, 11 April 2011

Artistalive! Newsletter #2 - April 2011

 Welcome to my second new Artist-centric newsletter for all the Artists on my mailing list. Purpose: to fill you up with loads of Artist tips, resources, opportunities and goodies, to brighten your creative journey under my new initiative, Artistalive!

For those who are Artists, I hope you enjoy this newsletter and the fruits in it. Have a wonderful day!
gilli moon

Quote of the day

You are an artist for life... so enjoy the journey... because that is where success lies: today.
In this issue
Songwriting songcamp in Los Angeles on Sunday 17th April. Hurry to register!
Blog Talk - must read article on How to be an artist entrepreneur, and more
The book, Just Get Out There, and accompanying video workshop.
Artist resources - discounts to partner opportunities, my book, and more

gilli moon's Songsalive! Songcamp
Impactful, educational and result driven session - intensive, fast, co-writing with songwriters you've never met.
WHEN: Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 12 noon till 3pm - Please be early.
WHERE: The Finnish Center - 10701 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, CA
 FREE for Songsalive! members. $10 for non-members. (Join at
Join Singer/Songwriter, and Songsalive! President, Gilli Moon, for an interactive and unique experience: a Songsalive! Songcamp.
Impactful, educational and result driven 3 hour songcamp/workshop that includes an intensive, fast, co-writing with other songwriters you may or may have not met (but never worked with before). Result: brand new, fabulous songs - new songwriting relationships - learning the art of positive cooperation and co-writing.
Songwriters will be split into groups and then asked to write a song in a short time period. Getting a song done in a short amount of time takes discipline, cooperation and focus. Performances of songs to the
full group will occur in the last quarter of the Workshop. The Songsalive! Songcamp has been designed after many journeys, learnings and collective thought by Songsalive! president, Gilli Moon.
This is a lot of fun so bring your ideas and open mind!
Result: brand new, fabulous songs new songwriting relationships learning the art of positive cooperation and co-writing.

Bloggin' it
is filled with articles, tips, motivations and opportunities
Excerpt from Gilli Moon’s book, JUST GET OUT THERE

 If you caught this in April's Music Connection, then I hope your creative juices are all flowing :) If you didn't, or even if you did, here's my full article I wrote, and some additions that didn't make the magazine cut. Enjoy the read:

Useful Artist Resources
If you are a Songsalive! member (non-profit organization supporting, promoting and educating songwriters and composers worldwide) you will already be familiar with a whole slew of Artist Resources, and here are some handy web links to go get 'em

My book
Achieving Abundance, Self-Empowerment and Professional Success as an Artist Entrepreneur- paperback and e-book by Gilli Moon
The Artist's bible to achieving abundance, self-empowerment and professional success as an Artist entrepreneur. 300+ pages filled with in-depth tips, tools, steps and resources on getting out there as an Artist, all the while achieving personal, financial and professional success and joy.
More info and purchase at

Just Get Out There - Video Workshop
List Price: $19.95 DVD  / $9.95 Instant video play.
60 minutes, NTSC
Gilli Moon's Workshop for Artists and Musicians to Achieve Success and Self-Empowerment as a Warrior Artist Entrepreneur. A great accompaniment to the book.

Details and BUY  at 


Interviewed here by Franklin Spicer, from Songwriters Vantage, Gilli takes you through the key points of the book and her principles and philosophies on being an Artist Entrepreneur in this new dawn of the entertainment industry.  


Send us your news!
 Get on our discussion groups and we will read your news plus thousands of others will too
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Songsalive! Songchat: If you want to promote your gigs and music, the best discussion board to be on is Songsalive! Songchat, part of the non-profit organization, Songsalive! See discount above to join the org, or get on the discussion list for free. Subscribe via the Songsalive! Songchat website

About Gilli Moon
Gilli Moon is an Australian singer, songwriter, recording artist, pianist, actor, producer, author, painter, motivator, entrepreneur, visionary and empowering community builder. Gilli Moon is the quintessential renaissance woman, with a ceaseless contribution to the creative and artist community at large. An artist in her own right, Gilli Moon has become a beacon for artists around the world, inspired and motivated by Gilli's story, and her  creativity. As Co-Founder and President of Songsalive!, Gilli has established over 25 chapters around the world hosting workshops, showcases and other programs for songwriters. With her Songsalive! world nation, as well as her record label Warrior Girl Music, Gilli has effectively brought together thousands of artists and songwriters together under various umbrellas, whether it be music conferences, song retreats and workshops, or with her dynamic and thought provoking rock music concerts. Gilli has 6 albums released and 2 books, one being JUST GET OUT THERE, the Artist's bible to achieving abundance, self-empowerment and professional success as an Artist entrepreneur. It WILL change your life and how you see your career. Inquire about one on one coaching and expand your artist entrepreneurial horizons...
Check out Gilli's website at
About Gilli Moon's Artist Coaching - get personal career coaching today!

Artistalive! is a unique Artist Community Portal, hosted by Warrior Girl Music, for Artists and Creators, male and female, to come together and be inspired, get empowered, educated and out into the big wide world. Run by Gilli Moon, singer-songwriter, actor, author, and global community builder, Artistalive!  is for all artists of all genres, styles and locations. As a creative person, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself in every way... everything you do and breathe.  Let us take the journey with

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