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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Warrior Girl Music eNews March 2011 - a little bit of gilli moon in your inbox

Warrior Girl Music eNews
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March 2011
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G'day peaceful warriors,
gilli moon here.
We've had so much tumultuous life forces on the planet lately, that I have had to question the priority of a music update, or watching the world. We wonder about how we are to save the planet, and yet, here we are thinking...  how do we save the people from the planet...
I feel for those in Japan and send a shout out to my fans there, including Gone Fishing For Blue Skies Radio whom we love and who play our music.
On a cool note, I'm heading to Rome, Italy next week on a musical and personal exploration, so if you are reading this and want to connect, please find me on email or Facebook.

OK, What's in this issue?
* A very cool show in L.A Wednesday 23rd March @ Coffee Gallery/Songnet
* New Youtube video Interview with Songwriters Vantage about my book.
* My new VIDEO WORKSHOP Just Get Out There, based on the book (a great accompaniment to watch while you read!)
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Feeling humbled.
gilli moon

 Check it out on my world:

 gilli moon's upcoming appearances

Mar 23, 2011     7:30 PM     The Coffee Gallery Backstage     Altadena, CA
SongNet - The Los Angeles Songwriter’s Network Awards Night celebrates gilli moon and her new album "the stillness". See gilli perform too! for information & photos of previous years

May 25, 2011     8:15 PM     The Guitar Merchant     Canoga Park, CA    

An exciting return to one of L.A's most unique guitar stores with one of the best acoustically sounding rooms. gilli moon will be featured artist of the night on the GRAND piano. Plenty parking. 7503 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Canoga Park, Ca. Hosted by Justefanie

More Performing details

Warrior Girl Music Store
My new book now on SONY READER, KINDLE and worldwide
- Achieving Abundance, Self-Empowerment and Professional Success as an Artist Entrepreneur
by gilli moon
JUST GET OUT THERE is the Artist's bible to achieving abundance, self-empowerment and professional success as an Artist entrepreneur. 300+ pages filled with in-depth tips, tools, steps and resources on getting out there as an Artist, all the while    achieving personal, financial and professional success and joy. 
Out now as a paperback, e-book, Amazon Kindle, and WORLDWIDE (you'll be surprised by the diversity of the countries you can buy it in, in your currency :)
Details and BUY the book at
at Amazon, Barnes& Nobles, Angus & Robertson (Aus) and so much more....
and the Warrior Girl Music Store

Just Get Out There - Video Workshop
List Price: $19.95 DVD  / $9.95 Instant video play.
60 minutes, NTSC
Gilli Moon's Workshop for Artists and Musicians to Achieve Success and Self-Empowerment as a Warrior Artist Entrepreneur. A great accompaniment to the book.

Details and BUY  at 

"the stillness" album
gilli moon's latest music creation.
..It is the lyrics to these pieces of her inner soul that take this project to a higher level From the first note.... screaming for a top ten chart position. Her music reminds me of a cross between Alanis Morissette and Carole King. Very much like her visual artistry, her music also paints a picture of hope, a picture of inner strength.
She is indeed a warrior!

Prepare to enter the stillness of gilli moon, where the only thing moved is the listener... Life is like a drug for gilli moon, and the passion that courses through the veins of ‘the stillness’ is the same life-blood that created the pyramids, brought humankind to outer-space and fathomed individual expression through the arts. Simply stated, Ms. moon has tapped into Maya, and is here to share it with all who are open and receptive.” 
Available on iTunes
and the Warrior Girl Music Store

Want to know more about gilli? See this video...

Discover the true and organic artist that is gilli moon, in her new video press kit in which the Aussie girl' expresses her love for L.A, her music writing, her band, and her new album, "the stillness"

and  at

Interviews that speak of the heart

Interviewed here by Franklin Spicer, from Songwriters Vantage, Gilli takes you through the key points of the book and her principles and philosophies on being an Artist Entrepreneur in this new dawn of the entertainment industry.

MORE: Some great interviews happening, past, present and future. I've really enjoyed talking to radio DJs, bloggers and podcasters about my journey, the album and some cool pieces of inspiration for all artists out there. There are some good ones and easy to listen to just by going to the link on my site, and clicking on each interview. Listen while tap tap tapping away on your computer, or close your eyes, sip a cup of tea and feel inspired. You can listen to all of them at

Bloggin' it

the official gilli moon diary

Everywhere gilli goes, she writes. Read her anecdotes of different cities, interesting shows, people she meets and experiences felt.

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