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Friday, 28 January 2011

Kindle e-books outselling paperbacks: So JUST GET OUT THERE Kindle style!

"'s Q4 2010 was its first $10 billion quarter, and it wasn't even close, as the online retailer had revenue of $12.95 billion. Even more interesting: Paperbacks are now being outsold by Kindle books. It was on July 19, 2010 that Amazon's e-book sales surpassed hardback sales. It didn't even take six months for paperbacks to join hardbacks in being eclipsed by e-books. In fact, in 2010 115 Kindle books were sold for every 100 paperbacks, and 3 times as many Kindle books were sold as hardbacks. This does not include free e-books, which would have pushed things further in the e-book direction. It's even more interesting since not all books are available in Kindle form. Continue reading on For the first time, sees Kindle books outsell paperbacks" - National Technology |


In this new dawn of the entertainment business, achieving  abundance, self-empowerment and professional success means being a Warrior Artist  that is unique, in charge of your own destiny and entrepreneurial in business and in thought.    By just getting out there, you are  taking the steps towards realizing your dreams.

What would happen if you just took a leap of faith in your Artistry and just got out there? Are you ready to take risks in order to achieve your dreams? Are you ready to build a plan for yourself? Are you ready to see your dreams come true?

Artists need to be business savvy, and self-driven. You can achieve much, without waiting for someone else to come along and make it happen for you. Fame is an illusion in this new world. It’s created, bought and lasts for moments.  What you want to create is a FULL and ENRICHING LIFE as a consummate Artist and that takes diligence, integrity, talent, perseverance and a go get ‘em mentality. This means being a Warrior Artist, and being an Artist Entrepreneur - in charge of your own destiny, pursuing creative freedom, and at the same time being very disciplined and diligent in your pursuit of excellence.  It begins with getting clear with who you are and what you want, creating clear and tangible goals, finding the joy, defining success on your own terms and putting one foot in front of the other.

GILLI MOON, Author, Artist, singer/songwriter, record label owner, certified professional coach and “Artist Entrepreneur”, takes you on an enriching journey of artistic and professional discovery with her second book JUST GET OUT THERE,    (her first book is I AM A Professional Artist – the Key To Survival and Success In The World of the Arts).

JUST GET OUT THERE is the Artist's bible to achieving abundance, self-empowerment and professional success as an Artist entrepreneur. 300+ pages filled with in-depth tips, tools, steps and resources on getting out there as an Artist, all the while achieving personal, financial and professional success and joy.  JUST GET OUT THERE covers topics such as defining your uniqueness; building your dream and creating a plan around your goals; balancing the art with the 'business' through time management and prioritization techniques; fundamentals in producing, releasing, marketing, promotion, performing and touring; using the Internet; and a plethora of in-depth tips, tools, steps and resources on getting out there as an Artist. Throughout this book, Gilli is guiding you, asking you questions, giving you exercises, and making you think and act  the way a strong business savvy Artist should, leading you to the Artist you ultimately want to become. JUST GET OUT THERE provides Artists inspiration: a sense of hope and assurance through anecdotal stories (some about Gilli’s personal life), motivational messages and real, practical, tried and tested strategies.  Ultimately it’s about enjoying the journey along your path to creative success.

Although Music business-centric, based on Gilli’s own experience as a singer-songwriter and recording artist, this book’s practical advice and inspirations can be applied and enjoyed by all Artists of any genre and discipline. JUST GET OUT THERE is about Gilli’s journey, which hopefully will inspire your journey. It is a handbook, a guide, a blog, a reality check, a heartfelt song spilled onto 300+ pages which Gilli inspires you to live your dream, find the inspiration within, and just get out there.

Where creativity is your passion, this book is your bible for everything you need to be, know and do!



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