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Sunday, 5 December 2010

gilli moon's new book for Artists, JUST GET OUT THERE is now on Amazon Kindle and available worldwide

Artist Entrepreneur, recording artist and global community builder, GILLI MOON, announces the Amazon KINDLE version and Worldwide availability of her  recently published book - the ultimate motivational handbook for Artists,

Achieving Abundance, Self-Empowerment and Professional Success
as an Artist Entrepreneur

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Now on Amazon Kindle!

 Need something to read over the holidays? Why not consider this juicy 330 page book to feed your inspirations for Who You Want To Be in 2011.

JUST GET OUT THERE is the Artist entrepreneur’s bible to achieving financial independence and abundance, self-empowerment, and enjoying the journey to creative and professional success while making a great living along the way.  JUST GET OUT THERE is the follow-up to MOON’s first book released in 2007, I AM A Professional Artist - The Key to Survival and Success in the World of the Arts.  

JUST GET OUT THERE covers topics such as defining your uniqueness; building your dream and creating a plan around your goals; balancing the art with the 'business' through time management and prioritization techniques; fundamentals in producing, releasing, marketing, promotion, performing and touring; using the Internet; and a plethora of in-depth tips, tools, steps and resources on getting out there as an Artist. Throughout JUST GET OUT THERE, gilli guides, asks questions, and provides exercises, making you think and act the way a strong business savvy Artist should, leading you to the Artist you ultimately are destined to become. 

Although Music business-centric, JUST GET OUT THERE’s practical and real-world advice and  inspirations can be applied and enjoyed by all Artists of any genre and discipline.  JUST GET OUT THERE provides inspiration, hope and assurance through anecdotal stories – many first hand experiences from gilli’s life - motivational messages and real, practical, tried and tested strategies.

What would happen if you just took a leap of faith in your Artistry and just got out there? Are you ready to take risks in order to achieve your dreams? Are you ready to build a plan for yourself? Are you ready to see your dreams come true?

We live in a time where entrepreneurial excellence is paramount.
It's time for Artists to take control of their own destiny...



Paperback, e-Book or Kindle download


The new book is available as a PAPERBACK, E-BOOK DOWNLOAD and KINDLE download

AROUND THE WORLD - USA, Canada, U.K, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Stores include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Angus & Robertson (Aus)



Just Get Out There by artist/author Gilli Moon is a true testament to DIY progress (and success) in the music business. It has been a long time since so much "good stuff" has been embodied in one great "tell all" book. If you are a musician, or a performer, this book is a must have. I will recommend it to my students. Gilli presents sharp and insightful comments about every facet of the music industry. She should know, as her life has been spent hip deep in independent music. Buy this book.
- Steffen Franz, President/Founder Independent Distribution Collective Instructor, Music Business, Pyramind, San Francisco, CA

As someone who lectures about public relations for SFSU's Recording course, Cal
Berkeley, and the SF MusicTech Summit, I believe this is one of the best indie DIY books to emerge in recent years. This info is invaluable, especially in an era where creating a lucrative career for oneself in the music industry can be so perplexing and frustrating without the right information, tools and support.
- Christopher Buttner, President

Word after word, line after line, paragraph after paragraph. Your words regarding the music industry spoke the truth. JUST GET OUT THERE is the blueprint to this industry. And it goes further. To the essence of one's own life. Every Artist. In fact every human no matter from what walk of life can learn from this.
- 5 Star Productions

So,  you wanna be a big rock star? Read Just Get Out There by Gilli Moon! JUST GET OUT THERE shows you, step by step, how to navigate the complexities of a music industry that has undergone an unprecedented revolution brought on by the Internet and the Information Age. Opportunities for the independent artist have never been better and as the “warrior girl", Moon was out there in the trenches as an “Indie" long before that term became popular. But what is far more important is that Gilli Moon teaches us a lesson even more valuable than all the fame and fortune, and that is how to achieve a creative lifetime of happiness and self-fulfillment by learning to define success on your own terms. JUST GET OUT THERE should be read not only by those yearning for artistic achievement, but by ANYONE who wishes to live life at its fullest potential.
- Anders R. Jermstad, independent editor and musician

Gilli Moon's advice and no-nonsense philosophy applies just as well to anyone who wants to live their dream, whatever it may be. Her common-sense approach is packed with tips that provide a blueprint for success. In each chapter, Ms. Moon gives the reader encouragement, as well as practical suggestions that break down into small steps exactly what it takes to make it in the Arts and entertainment. She guides us through mind sets that can turn into obstacles and presents the type of attitudes that can achieve goals. Most enlightening is her perspective that each person can become their own industry and actually profit from their dream. Her attention to detail merges Art with commerce in a way that transforms pipe dreams into reality. Simple to understand and uplifting to read, this book is a must for anyone who wants to live a fulfilling and rewarding life while pursuing their muse.
- Music Connection

Gilli’s motivational book is based on her life and her growing as a human being, as an artist, and also as a businesswoman who wants to succeed so that she can give back to others. Her book is written simply and with practical, every day ideas, which should be used by each and every one of us. She talks to you as a good friend, who is honest with you and gives you some hard questions… ‘Emotional soul food’ that many times is needed on our bookshelves, so that we can always come back and get the needed energy from every single word that Gilli Moon is offering us from her own experience as a Professional Artist who found her identity and didn’t lose it.



GILLI MOON is an unprecedented DIY Indie Music success, role model, educator and inspiration for thousands of recording artists. She is a self made brand. Artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, expressionist, her willingness and pleasure in providing her unparalleled insight and knowledge of the music industry to help other musicians navigate and find success for their own art is, indeed, a rare commodity Australia’s Hollywood based GILLI MOON is an Artist, Author, Motivational Speaker and Artist Entrepreneur, with a ceaseless contribution to the creative and business communities at large. She is constantly creating projects for her own music and arts passions, as well as for others. Billboard, who states she “beat the odds,” at making it in the music industry after moving from the Australian wilderness to Los Angeles, and who Artists for a Better World called “a female Elton John,” GILLI MOON is not only a unique,and energetic chanteuse with six CD releases to her name, but she also has become a beacon for artists worldwide, inspired and motivated by her story and her creativity. Gilli performs and tours around the world as an Artist and is constantly creating projects for her own music and arts passions, as well as for others. She is the President/co-Founder of Songsalive!®, the world’s largest internationally based non-profit 501(c)(3) songwriter and composer non-profit organization with over 16,000 international members (, and also a producer, through her label Warrior Girl Music of artist albums and compilations, which provides a platform for independent artists to be heard. (  Warrior Girl Music also has a strong arm for Artist Development and Professional Coaching, (Warrior Artist Coaching) which Gilli sees as an integral need to "fill the gap where many Major Record labels no longer provide for Artists who need development and production." (



Paperback, e-Book or Kindle download


The new book is available asa PAPERBACK, E-BOOK DOWNLOAD and KINDLE download

AROUND THE WORLD - USA, Canada, U.K, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Stores include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Angus & Robertson (Aus)




More information about the book and Gilli's author-ship at and



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