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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Stay tuned for gilli moon's new album, The Stillness. Released in the Spring

Just out of the studio with her brand new (6th) album, "The Stillness", (official release expected in the Spring of 2010), Australian Hollywood based singer-songwriter, gilli moon, plans to focus on performing, touring and marketing her new record, which truly and  richly captures her essence, her passions, her lifelong yearning and mountain climbing (metaphorically speaking) and arriving, finally, at a place of serenity.

This album shows the strength of her songwriting, her dynamic vocal range, and her joy for the piano. Lyrically the songs speak of arriving at a place of inner-ease and personal strength, of self-knowing and understanding. It talks of harmony, and peace (personal and world), of passion and prophesies, of harmony and conflict, of assurance and doubt, of love and loss... (the dual meanings of life and existence in this world that we all can't deny.) Ultimately, the new album takes the listener on a journey through gilli's love stories, life lessons and observations of the world.

gilli moon is a  unique, evocative and energetic artist and has a perpetual fire in her belly to purge her life stories and quest for truth through her music and art. Where 2010 takes her, can only be exciting and delicious, as she embarks in the marketing of her new album, The Stillness. gilli leaps empty handed into the void and enjoys the journey along the way. Come take the ride with gilli moon. Read more about gilli moon at click on BIO.

and stay tuned for the Spring release in the U.S of THE STILLNESS.

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