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Thursday, 9 April 2009

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G'day peaceful warriors... Really nice to have your email company for a moment as I share with you my monthly newsletter.

I've just arrived back in L.A from a sojourn in France and Italy where I got in touch with my soul in a different way. (Me and Monet on the right). You may not know this about me but I studied art at University (Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts), so it was wonderful to feel it all the true way in France and Italy. Also, as most of you know, I am recording my new album, which I've been producing since early January. I'm now diving back into that process. Read my blog and read about my trip, and also be part of my album recording process, at

Drum roll please.... I have two important events this month which I hope you can be part of. The first is this coming Saturday, Downtown LA, for our Skillz For Life show, celebrating the CD "Skillz" which I created with spoken word hip hop artist J.Walker. It's at 1pm and it's oriented for youth, so if you have any or know any, bring them down. This CD is by far the most inspirational and revolutionary music project I've ever created and I encourage you to listen to some tracks if you can't make the show, online at More details further down with a CD review just in!

The following Saturday, the 18th, I am co-hosting a Benefit for my dear friend Deb Flanagan, who has Lou Gehrig's disease. We are doing a benefit concert in Venice, Ca, and it's also on the internet as a simulcast so please log in from around the world. I have held a 6 year friendship with a wonderful human being, Deb Flanagan. Deb has been an active music enthusiast, promoter and business owner, based out of Austin Texas, for many years. She has given SO much to my artistry and my label Warrior Girl Music over the years, and I was saddened to hear that Deb had been diagnosed with ALS, known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease", which has turned a vibrant, active woman into someone who has lost many abilities of her body and degenerating every day. With lack of medical funds i decided to do a Benefit for her. Please read below about the Benefit and come, if in LA, or log on to the Internet to watch as well as DONATE!!!!!!

A few other wonderful ingredients in my life that are making a great sauce include a new music deal I've made for my songwriting, and the continuation of our Skillz CD launch. All great news and below.

Enjoy the read below, and the ride,


gilli moon

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