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Thursday, 6 March 2008

new gilli moon blog: "DIT": Defining the Music Industry together in this new era.


“DIT”: Defining the Music Industry together in this new era. 

 - by gilli moon


The cold hard fact was that Artists needed to become more in control of their careers and less beholden to the deep pocket, the stifling un-creative rigidity, and possibly (probably) get screwed, shelved, or bankrupt in the process. We all know, and knew then, that the "empire" was about to unravel. The indie artist quickly stepped up to the plate before a Major Record Company exec could write their next marketing plan.  Where we’ve arrived at is a slow shift of a quagmire – that is, it is seemingly unmoving and we don’t know exactly what the next phase is, but at the same time, there are shifts happening where artists are becoming more empowered, and labels are starting to change their face in order to meet the new business models, working with and by the artists’ playing rules. It’s a really exciting playing field, and not just for indie artists: but for the labels too. Everyone has had to change the way they do business and now we are all on the same playing field with bat in handThere is the overly used term “DIY” – Do it yourself. Sure, go ahead. But here’s my new theory. DIT: Do It Together. I am quite invigorated with the state of the music industry because artists and labels now have an opportunity to work together on a new future.


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