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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Warrior Girl Music artist, Holly Light, wins the 2007 Peacedriven Song Writing Award

 NEW YORKOut of more than 400 entries into the 2007 Peacedriven Song Writing Award contest, a song by California-based musician Holly Light garnered the most buzz among the panel of judges, comprised of social activists and musicians. Anthony Stokes, director of the Peacedriven Organization, says this award honors songwriters like Light who can tap into music's power to inspire social change. "Holly Light is an exceptional songwriter…her song 'Keep Rising Up' is timely and will inspire peacedriven people everywhere." The Peacedriven Organization, founded in 2001, is a non-profit group established to inspire, motivate, and educate people about global social issues including poverty, violence, justice, suppression of human rights, discrimination and crime. Holly's winning song can be heard at  
- The Peacedriven Organization,

Forgiveness Road
Holly Light
Warrior Girl Music 2007
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UPC: 780014484125
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Listen to tracks Format: Pop/Rock/Americana /AAA & Folk


LOS ANGELES – The Peacedriven song writing award comes on the heels of Light's hugely successful CD celebration party at The Mint in Los Angeles in late May.  Over the years, The Mint has been home to some of the best performing musicians in Los Angeles and Holly Light has joined that tradition. The house was packed, the energy was high and Holly's seven piece band put on a rocking show. Along with her powerful and moving vocal performance, Light has an ease onstage that creates a real audience connection and this show was no exception! It's all true…she's raw, she's soothing, she's funky and she rocks. "Forgiveness Road " was produced by Gilli Moon and co-produced by Matt Thorne and Holly Light and is available now through, and

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